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  1. I think originally the metre was defined as one 10 millionth part of the distance from the North Pole to the equator on a line passing through Paris.
  2. The helm will be very heavy. Need a robust linkage to the tiller/wheel & a strong helmsman
  3. Why do they use jibs on the AC boats
  4. Especially as the La Nina weather pattern & low SSTs in the South Eastern Pacific appears to be disrupting the winds that normally prevail in southern latitudes
  5. If the weather is hot, cool the numbers down before applying. The adhesive is temperature sensitive, so cooling it enables you to lift off & reapply more easily if you make a mistake or get a crease.
  6. Hasn`t the Ed seen a Fireball?
  7. How do they get back home? Apparently the Minis go by ship.
  8. So how long do they take to get back home?
  9. Could be planning to stay tucked up in the lee of Stewart Is. There is plenty of room between the coast & the North Traps. Going around the South traps will expose her to the very strong NW winds forecast for Saturday.
  10. http://www.mysailing.com.au/cruising/transatlantic-crossing-the-golden-globe-for-amateurs
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