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  1. I dont want to get too involved with the personal business in a public forum. I am aware of both situations. I have written a few lines on the webpage about Hans. If you feel that more should be added, then send me an email off forum,,, peterevans_33 at yahoo dot com dot au
  2. Good luck with your sale of the Harry Proa, It should sell at that price. I think it is a large enough size to be practical, and although not a layout I prefer, (wtw), for that style it is designed well. Being epoxy composite, and stored on land, it should not have degraded over the years. As to the harry proa cargo, nice concept, my 2 cents is that the l/w ratio is too high. I suspect that a lower ratio say 15to 1 vs 20 to 1 would give more carrying capacity at ,marginally slower speed. (the 20 to 1 ratio I am going off memory here) the thinking is that it is not as important if freight move
  3. That same boat was for sale August 2019 for $30K OBO. Source cruisers forum (google harryproa for sale maine)
  4. you know. I am old enough to remember when Rob Denney went on yahoo group Proafile and dished one of Russell Brown's Pacific Proas, when it was for sale for only $30K. The essence was that it was not a great boat because the resale price was so low. From memory Rob said that was roughly equivalent to a set of new sails (which it may have been). $6K is not high resale, I think I saw some photos a week or so back and the condition is not great (this is from memory) , price is still low though
  5. Hello SA I just updated my webpage with many more photos and text for Hans Klaar's 70ft wooden catamaran/ndrua built in west africa. The vessel is known as Ontong Java. Even though it is of low tech heavy construction, it still averages 180 to 200 miles a day with barely lifting a finger. It self steers with a 3 dollar bungee, maybe jib sheet to tiller line? The maths comes out at around 8 knots average, which is pretty OK, and very OK considering the dollars invested. The total cost for the rig was two thousand dollars. http://www.tackingoutrigger.com/hans_klaar.html
  6. did anyone else notice in the video of the HarryProa delivery voyage that the proa was being sailed in the weight to leeward style? As opposed to the intended weight to windward style. I mean the main hull (the fat hull) was being pushed slightly down as opposed to how Atlantic Proas are 'meant' to be sailed where the accommodation is to windward and acts as a counterweight A similar flexible concept is used in Mozambique, where the shunting canoes, will often just tack if the weather is mild. I have also seen this on videos of canoes of Anuta Island, Solomon islands, where they are meant
  7. Oh dear. After taking forever to reach the Azores, he has gone back to Sweden and is building another boat. This one again is too narrow, and will be slow slow slow. The new one is a canoe. He is mentioning Noahs Ark and the six to one ratio. IMHO his much earlier boat Bris was quite good, now in his old age he is going backwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M24NDNgZb4
  8. he has reached land, the Azores I think Came across this as I was looking at a video by the crew of the catamaran La Vagabond. Coincidentally it was this couple in their catamaran that took Greta Thornborg across the atlantic. Quite good interview, Yrind comes across well, though I do prefer his earlier boats with bit more beam and more sail area
  9. If I can talk technicalities for a second. Bris had a 1.6m beam and 3m high mast, Sophia had a 1.8m beam and 4m mast (and was a better boat), the latest Yrvind Boat is narrower than the original Bris and seems to sail poorly. The extra beam is useful, more sail area, more power, slightly more resistance. However in terms to stability you still have a decent dead-rise angle, meaning that the keel and the ballast down there provides more stability at very high heel angles. With a flat bottomed and keel-less boat the ballast is going to be close to the center of buoyancy in the event of a knockdo
  10. I have been thinking about this boat. Two parts, firstly boards, secondly hull shape. IMHO he would be better off with a pair of dagger boards amidships that cant outwards at ten degrees or so, and are located near the gunnel. Have the hatch in the center, and every day or so when changing tack lift up the board from one side and insert it into the slot on opposite side, something like the Lynx 14 mini yacht. Obviously carry a spare board in case one breaks or gets lost Secondly hullshape. He deliberately keeps the hull sides for half the boat straight, If there was a constant curve that
  11. I respect the guy, he is doing his thing, getting out there, he is cool, however I dont like the boat. He admits he cant make progress to windward, assume damaged board combined with very low aspect sails being the reason. His boat is also slow. I prefer Quenet Yann's microcruiser. His boat is also small, has also done long distance ocean sailing (Atlantic crossing) Quenet has taken a small boat concept and enclosed the cockpit and combined that with the cabin, in short a kind of cabin aft arrangement. The downside is that he has a fixed deep keel so he cannot beach, however overall his boat
  12. What do houses cost in SF? How much are they to rent. What I am getting at, is how many years does HR have to stay rent free in his contraption before the dollars start working in his favour. Say rent is 200 dollars a week, thats 10k a year. Now HR spent ... say 50k on his ,.,... floating thing... that means after five years the money spent on the boat equals the the amount of rent saved. One year down, and only four to go. Yeah... if thread was closed,,, would that be best for all,, if many petition for thread closing,, will it happen
  13. if i may commit the error of being serious,,,, (yeah I know its frowned upon). How long can HR stay where he is? I guess as a vessel he can anchor in most places for awhile. That headroom does look over 8ft .... (f me),,, why? whats wrong with 6ft 6 headroom, If he had read one book on boat design? if he had skills? if he was prepared to listen? if he had done any research,,,, he has now a large houseboat,, that will not be super durable,,,,, at least he could have saved a bit and not installed the rig... if he had bought a sound second hand boat,,,,,if he had read one book on houseboat design
  14. cant recall if I have read 'The fatal shore' by Robert Hughes, on reflection I dont think I have i read it, or if I did it was long long ago. On my bookshelf I have "sea of dangers" and "The tyranny of distance", both by Geoffrey Blainey, both pretty dry books. I will borrow "The fatal shore" from the local library if you recommend. By the way,, I dont do drugs (just marijuana twice in 1996,, thats it - very dull life). It seems I get more aggravation here in 2 days than I have in 15 years on woodenboat.com forum. Anyway,, hope it will pass.... I guess back to the real world for me,,, SA in n
  15. australians are proud of their convict heritage. Of course americans would not know this. Here in Oz we are not particularly complementary when it comes to pontificating on the general knowledge of Americans when it comes to world affairs... anyway getting off topic... dare I use the 'igrorant' word,,,, present company excepted of course!!!!! The myth is that some starving poor wretch from dickensian london is sentenced to transportation to New South Wales (there was no australia till 1901,,, we were a collection of states from 1788 to 1901), for seven years. After 7 years as a convict, th
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