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  1. Not a wind-driven craft,as are some foilers. But is it a Scow?
  2. Read through this thread, We are human and screw up lots more than we admit...at least the OP is not a killer...and should check stuff when odd mess happen... Being a sailor, and being that slow should have flagged the OP, but I procrastinate too... To me, fix per specs, if specific, is the real problem...what happened teaches...so let us know...
  3. Mid and others get it, but the whole mess stimulates.... Love the ditty's meaning, best to take names and smile while avoiding messes, as maskless killers should know.
  4. Steam Flyer (Doug) +1...Pols, however, do not think that way.... Me? I llike the way you think...always make the other dodger look good...as crrepy as they can be!
  5. +1. Pols, however, do not think that way....Me? I llike the way you think...always make the other dodger look good....
  6. Forgive me,,,,Wyliecat17, with its lifting keel and Paine 15...are rare and ideal, to me
  7. just saw this....interesting, some above might do it but I-110 /Ensign too and are long and need decent mooring, easily sailed alone. the FF is hot questions....must be answered....do you always need crew. If not, Ensign and I-110 will do, but long, and mooring is needed F15 is hot. Cape Cod Typhoon is like small Ensign...rare as 17 foot, or a Paine 17 What sailing is planned, where??
  8. Poor me!!!! Have had a number of rigs moored in slips and sailed a few others and done crewed on others...seems the simplest were to best, to me, and remain as faves. Still, simple is best, especiallly when bugs are biting, crew is partying, and I have to go potty and tidying is my job. Too, stil goes, the best rig, to me, is other guy's...complication conflicts with a fun anything, to me. Fly fiahing is not the same as spin fishing, is it?
  9. A phrase in a Front Page comment, got me thinking....the need for advertising revenue notwithstanding...we hear lots about decline in sailors...but who wants the grief, common dodger that I am, who can afford to moor a tri, or even a cat, a rig with a wing, or foiled flyer? I under stand the press to "go fast," and, to this common dodger, fast for a traditional sailboat is not the same as so fast is is dangerous or costly to store...KISS is for sailors, to me...being relative not withstanding.
  10. Like most "old" stuff, hulls, blocks, etc are built to last, and seldom are abused, personal inspection notwithstanding. Though not large, my current wee rig is composed of old hulls and some new stuff, and not destined to sit in a landfill for eons, from which I saved them... However, one cannot ignore the regeneration costs in tems of time, labor and moola. Then there is mooring and storage etc... Personally, I like old...lasting rigs keep "lasting" avec some satisfying effort.
  11. "Doing" is "relative..." Do to make others look good though,
  12. Why a DoG? Just do match and previoous winner calls shots? As it is, stricktly a novelty,
  13. P, dig, but, seems already an OD affair. We too..like the spendy game too but 12s sail - for hours too.
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