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  1. P, dig, but, seems already an OD affair. We too..like the spendy game too but 12s sail - for hours too.
  2. Me too and I am half way there....'tis a very nicabot! But, alas, if I were to go I would succumb. Well designed, simple rig...
  3. Deed etc, maybe need rewording....I thought it varied, contest to contest,with host declaration...I like the 12s and, in a curious way, the recent , cats...but no longer...gone to the head. I have entertained the notion for sometime, but that be me.
  4. Be interested in AC contest, where in the vessels were conventionals, as in Etchells, Solings, 6 Meters etd. Surely, this take has been aired in past, and seems very sensible, to me. As tis, just a good example, of hole in water to pour money into...am sure advantanges will eventurally prove a decent notion...
  5. Above Lucas poem is not only my favorite, says it all, and is one of many, humans have ignored, for the reasons all y'all have implied or given...could humankind be dumber...? Too many of us forget, all we have to do is make the other dodger look good.
  6. "Welcome. to our world called Earth, where the gteatest cause of death is birth." - Jack Lucas, Winona, MN.
  7. 291 that S2 a nica bot, and lilely all owner sings about... Alas, have me own project, which I wish now was a Sharpie...sorta.
  8. You fast,,,after two 180s to retrieve cans, made rule set downs need tethers. Nothing foated off.
  9. Thinking...where is a Soling with an open cockpit astern? Was hot and an Oly and if in decent shape and storage/mooring is not a problem easy deal. How much could a keelboat bearing trailer go for? KC was not digning thee, just rambling...my error. I knew Walker sailed a keeler, instead of his 14s, right there too... Etchells lost out but liked them better...never could afford one either... but this one is in park, no way to play, sadly. This dodger never sailed on, so cannot comment more...but love to single handle keelers....with suds.
  10. Thinking...where is a Soling with an open cockpit astern? (Must have been previous rig.) Soling was hot and an Oly comer and if in decent shape and storage/ooring is not a problem easy deal. How much could a keelboat bearing trailer go for? Recall how it seemed to eclipse another nice keeler rig, and got Oly status, when Olys were viable. This dodger never sailed on, so cannot comment more...but love to single handle keelers....with suds.
  11. Gawd...Murphy's Law,,,have yen for Sharpie like that and a Banshee, but Begorrah! have me outriggger to finish...the site make me envious.,,,and of course lack space and cash.,,,the Fun one also perks me. Swill-bots all--to me, Bans
  12. Me lika cet bateau...if I lived nearer...only thing I would add is a low stern net, in case a beverage can etc got out of touch...: ]
  13. Wonderful boats...and a woodie... need to inspect and great for kids lot like X-Boat...well behved rig...we sailed one once with canvas, covered wood...long past, when had to watch for Ark floating around...!!! L
  14. +1 Missed the race...for the oldest prize...first time I have not batted an eye to get there in some way.L Bring on the older creaking lead bottomed beaties; screw the suits. I do not revere bullroar... Not to diminish Kiwi win... Let's all get back to sailing, not "the Benjamin hustle..."
  15. it is what is is...and, not our need to know...regrets will come later, regardless. Some here have been there, done that, and experienced that. He did good, with boat...
  16. +1 re Dyers. But do not negate O'day's IC, the venerable 10' and 12' Barny's and Pyle's Newport Kites, easier flip back up Banshee/AMF F-Fives. And a very few more smallies. But the Dyers etc, are always class.
  17. Again, I daresay, he should sail her a bit, and, after all the hours, he will never hever esperience the same satisfaction...and, hopefully, few hours were not spent away from fam...the always-rub... I know.
  18. Mid+1. Save the fact I dare say the asking does not cover cost of hardware etc. Might I mention that this gentlemen must have pride in his product, as wll as his charming family, whom I do not know but wish otherwise.
  19. Sailor....! Good eye. Could be scam...as always we need to be careful. Believe it...Anything suspicious NO!
  20. One of the rigs one must inspect, including trailer...
  21. FY, good one! Ag liked his lots, but the dudes down below, decided to up the moral and posted this to the galley's single hatch, "Our morale will contine to slip, until the floggings improve.~" And "Big A" got it in the heel, with "hat" in place... poor dodger.... Guess I just like the slow lead-belly suckers and sucked suds as the water slipped by...a few inches from me 'ead. No helmet. Me current rig is tacker...outriugger, but miss keel "ease" even when up in air.
  22. It may be fun, but foiling over the water is not sailing, per se. No sailboat that I know of, until Ellison's arena AC event, required helmets. No rig I ever sailed needed a helmet, just alertness, The point is, the Bluenose schooner sailed, as did America, Sceptre and the Mirror dinghy. How practical are tall hard carbon wings? Is "para-sailing sailing? Won't be long until what you call "fun" is less a reason for an ancient doing, seems to me. Calling it what it is so hard? Hustle for market or advertising bucks offers no justification. How practical are former
  23. Is not sailing...Wing and a prayer and a helmet....needs another name, IMO
  24. Varan, tough, stiff stays work... Cracks me up...!
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