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  1. Yes a rubbish article. Deliberately obscures whatever it's trying to say. I'd guess the outcome would be as you say,@marlowe , which would be fun! Question: what's the sea state around the Isle of Wight? Could these things hack it in any weather?
  2. Fairly striking announcement. Well, we had 2 days off.
  3. It's hard to understand from the outside. I'd love it for an insider to write an in depth engineering / management memoir on how it comes together.
  4. Agree - when the thought of the Italians winning crossed the mind (briefly of course!) earlier in the series, the consolation would be that there could hardly be a more deserving country to look after the cup for a bit. It will be in Auckland. https://garageproject.co.nz/collections/beer/products/dfa
  5. Brilliant, we get to do this again in Auckland in 4 (or 3?) years. A lot of things were great this time, hopefully with the class proving out (to most) and a bit of fine tuning (and no pandemics!) it can be even bigger and better next time round. Impressive sailing by LRPP. Well done Team NZ!
  6. True, though he's getting reeled in fairly quickly at the moment. Of course none of this factors in series inflation. But IMHO this regatta is about as impressive as anything he's done.
  7. Hi, does someone know what time the dock out shenanigans go on? Or is it just when each team feels like it. Cheers
  8. PB after they crossed the line - "Never doubted the jib call..."
  9. NZ went through 6.0TWS just before top gate 3rd mark. I suppose it's a big boat but I'm a bit surprised they dared to walk across the deck...
  10. What's that on deck on TR - the light air sail? Edit: maybe not. Thought I saw a bag there
  11. This _could_ accordian right back. TV saying it's soft at top of course...
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