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  1. PArma, is that a retractable bowsprit? How have you set up the Bobstay? Is it a Bene 34.7/R10 by any chance? If so, what size Zero did you go for? Cheers!
  2. https://www.sail-world.com/news/233413/2020-RSHYR-offers-something-for-everyone
  3. I worked on Spirit (AUS 21) in Sydney for a while. The other boat they have is AUS-40- which was shipped over from NZ. Story i'm told is it was originally built FRA 40 for a team from Antibes, never made it to the LV as the team went bankrupt, sold to a Swiss team called "Be Happy" for the next cycle, who also ran out of cash (although it is apparently the only AC boat to have sailed on lake Geneva, for what that's worth...) and somehow made it's way to Auckland, ending up with Explore, who run the charters in Auckland and Sydney Harbours. I also saw the two 12 metres in Miri, although I was t
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