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  1. Nudity on SA didn't cause this. SA has no authority to demand answers from those involved with investigating this matter. Both can be true...
  2. Paging Russ Silvestri. Russ Silvestri, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
  3. Perfect response from a J70 sailor.
  4. Honest question: At these speeds with the true wind angle so far forward where exactly is "tacking" on somebody and really how effective is it? I'm thinking normal boats is like a piece of pizza at maybe 35 degrees and these things would be like a pencil at like 10-15 degrees? The announcers make a big deal of not "hitting" the other team asif they were trying to but couldn't but I'd rather lead back to the pressure/shift than try and mess with their wind with that narrow of a shadow.
  5. Probably why they race over 2 weeks instead of one day... But that for the MS video, smoking....
  6. Such fucking drama here. And so many experts. They failed in the light stuff. Not what they bet on. When the breeze came on they were way ahead until a big fuck up. Never the same after. Lets keep it simple folks. As an American I'm bummed but had a hard time rooting for anything the DeVos family was involved in and hired a foreign skipper(Hello Morgan Larson!). Funny how in most sports the Olympics is the pinnacle and in sailing its the AC or some other super expensive race.
  7. Well, Indio said it aloud....virtually anyway.
  8. Flexseal model jib. Just in case.... Great show of sportsmanship all around. Good look for the sport.
  9. Totally disagree. The trickle down is from the little C, not this shit show. And thats not much of a trickle down anyways. Introduction of foiling monohulls? You mean like Moths? How many folks you know of that learned to sail in a Moth? Be realistic. There is exactly zero people getting into sailing because they are thrill seekers looking to foil. How many people are willing to spend 5 years learning a sport to be able to get to do it the way they wanted to start it? The AC is for sailing diehards. Accept it. There is no going mainstream for sailing as a sport.
  10. Kiwis discover why AM was so overpowered. They were using 2 mains at the same time!
  11. A diagonal mast compression post strut pushed through the bottom maybe?
  12. From THs interview it sounds like there were some big holes building(we tacked in 9 knots). 50 seconds isn't that big a lead if you hit a big hole and go into displacement mode. Right move, poor execution. Sometimes in sailing just executing well is more important than going the right way. We've all come into a leeward gate and decided to change buoys at the last minute and screwed up the take-down. If Goodie isn't calling tactics then he should have just kept his mouth shut and helped execute.
  13. Thats a big chunk of boat!
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