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  1. PDG


    How do you make a duck sing? Put it in hot water until its bill withers.
  2. Thanks. I feel so provincial not knowing these things.
  3. I was just wondering about Infotrack as well. Setting up for a hotter angle expecting the glass off? Whatever they're looking for, they paid dearly for it.
  4. Sean Trew is my favorite photographer as well. My fave is this one he took of Artemis (Andrews 53) at Round the County.
  5. PDG


    Interrupting cow is good. next time try "interrupting starfish". When he starts to say "interrupting starfish who?" clamp your hand over his face.
  6. No, but it is the media's fault for characterizing something as so common that I should be afraid to stick my head out the front door for fear I'll be shot and killed. Do shootings happen? Of course they do. Is gun related violence a problem that should be addressed? Sure it is. Are Shootings "common"? I don't even know what you mean by that word. But I know I provide field service for dialysis centers and home patients in the greater Seattle area, including the worst places the area has to offer, and have for the past 22 years. Guess how many times I've been shot and killed? I realize Seatt
  7. PDG


    So a nice looking young lass, upon arriving at a party, spies a Marine Sergeant Major standing off by himself nursing a beer. Feeling patriotic, she walks over and strikes up a conversation. "So what's the worst thing about the Marine Corp?" she asks. "Well Ma'am", he says hesitantly, "it's the sex. There's hardly any at all." "Oh come now", she says, "a handsome man like you in that dashing uniform? You must drive all the women wild. When's the last time you had sex?" "1950" the marine replies. "Oh NO!" the young lady gasps, "That's AWFUL...we can't let that stand, now can we?" whereupon she
  8. PDG


    God help me, but I like that one.
  9. PDG


    Wait, this one's better, How do you catch a unique duck?................ ..................................Unique up on it! How do you catch a tame duck?............................. ..................................The tame way! (for a small fee I'll stop!)
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