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  1. https://www.ineosbritannia.com/en/inside-tack#
  2. Needs a bit more outhaul and it will be ready to go...
  3. I mean, technically she did also leave it to port... Unless you are a flat earther!
  4. Any amateur photographers on the south coast / IOW able to grab pics of the boat training yet? Even pics on the dock would be great to see!
  5. Definitely too low on the price tag. Pretty sure it took two attempts to get the hull lamination correct, so swan had to absorb that cost!
  6. Do we know why goobs wasn't sailing with INEOS for the cup?
  7. No you didn't... A lot of the deck controls, lights etc are touch screen, not steerage!
  8. Stick to the topic Dullers you absolute clown, it's a special breed that has to resort to speculating on the level of someone's disability to get off online.
  9. Fingers crossed it can still keep the original ethos. I imagined it being a larger / development of the Leopard style, could be cruised if really wished for, but would also be able to stay ahead of weather systems on ocean crossings!
  10. Looks like an updated version of 'Spectre' the frers 60
  11. i thought the Carrington boat was maybe the Mapfre one before they hit pause?
  12. I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification.
  13. ABN 1 was the kids boat, they launched this first and sailed across to Newport with the main team onboard, then built ABN 2 as a refinement of boat 1. ABN 2 was then sailed by the main team and called black betty, with the initial boat then being passed to the kids. ABN1 was very marginally faster in certain conditions, but a hell of a lot harder to control. After ABN 2 was rebranded delta Lloyd etc, it was sold to Turkish owners and sailed from Ireland towards Turkey, with the cradles dismantled and stored 'downstairs' for the trip. It ended up being impounded in Greece for a short while
  14. There was the blue swan 60 OD that conveniently used to fill the park avenue boom with water when it was time to weigh in. Claiming it must have gotten in through rain water when it started to spill out! Also kept the facade of an interior with nothing behind the face plates on any appliance.
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