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  1. I saw Trina's FB post as well. I can't believe he passed away that suddenly. We sailed many miles together first with Harmony & Harlequin for Barbara Colville. Then later when Chris bought Rags, we did a couple Transpacs and Cabo's together. I'm just shocked he's gone. Way too young.
  2. TNZ needs to be able to put their bow down and breath. Luna Rosa can choke off their path with a high slow mode. Until TNZ can get under and clear their options are tough.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10217893375117346&id=1572763437
  4. It's always changing. My father flew over a few months ago without a test and had to self quarantine at his home in Laiei. But, we are in contact with the agencies that will make the final call and we plan to abide by their directives.
  5. As I recall she has been recently involved in a couple of East Coast One Design events. But, her accomplishments are easy to look up on Linked In.
  6. Fun race around the Islands. Blast reaching down the back side of San Clemente was so much fun.
  7. We have to submit an entire protocol. That's why we hired an expert to help develop that protocol. Which she has provided for today's circumstances. But, the race is in July and requirements are changing all the time. So far we are doing everything neccessary to ensure the race runs and runs safely.
  8. Fan I've been on that boat when we wished we had jibs. Don't leave home without one.
  9. I'm the Treasurer. Unless the government says we can't go. We are going. Is that metrics enough for you?
  10. Fan, Yeah it was always Win or Bust on that boat.
  11. I did a Cabo on a Swan 36. I was pick up crew from a local sail loft along with two other guys. So, the crew consisted of a hired skipper from England, the three of us, the owner, his brother and a buddy. Blew like stink at Cedros. Skipper decides to cut the corner and go inside. I told him not a great idea. There were breaking waves and lobster traps all over the place. We got through that night and I was off watch below in a bunk when I start to feel an uncomfortable roll. So, I pop up on deck to find one of the sail loft referrals driving. Problem is while he was probably a good dinghy sail
  12. Really interesting race. Between the latest generation foils and the more chaotic weather for the first 2/3 of the race, the cards got reshuffled. Then for Boris to clip a fishing vessel within 90 miles of the finish. Congratulations, to Charlie, Louis, Thomas and Yannick. Hopefully, Boris gets in to salvage a podium spot. But, more importantly safely.
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