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  1. Another awesome Transpac in the books. Thank you John Raymont and Team Fast Exit for a wild, wet and fastest crossing I've ever done. Now we just need to learn how to tame the beast!
  2. You, your crew and especially your boat will be missed. But, a littl bird told me Rag Time will be back for 2023. So, we all have that match up to look forward to.
  3. 17.5 Knots as the crow flys But that was gybing their way the entire course.
  4. Let me understand exactly what you are saying. On a TP52 or more powerful it's okay to just stuff it regardless of the wind speed and nothing worse than a destroyed sail will happen. That's just not reality.
  5. At full gate in 20 plus knots, you're not going to just stick it up and have any good results. Blow the sheets. Head up to slow the boat. Keep to practiced take downs in breeze in a controlled fashion to drop the spinnaker in a letter box. Tack around and get back to the MOB GPS position ASAP. There really aren't many safer options.
  6. Fan, We are getting down to the short strokes. And, it looks like the weather should start moving into summer mode soon. I'm really looking forward to getting out in the deep blue. See you soon Tom
  7. Class breaks were decided last week. Division 8 1. USA 97301 Ho’okolohe Cecil/Alyson Rossi StFYC/WYC Novato, CA, USA Farr 57 57.60 2. USA 33819 Juno Dan Merino SWYC San Diego, CA, USA Express 37 37 3.
  8. The entire Seminar should be posted to the transpacyc.com web site within the couple days.
  9. The Stan Honey Navigation seminar will be this Saturday May 8th at 9:00. Sara Stone will be updating everyone on the latest of the ever evolving COVID protocols. That will be the best place to get the most complete information to date.
  10. Great shot I have framed hanging in front of my desk!
  11. Well, the rate at which we have been receiving entry fees in the last few days has been very strong.
  12. We are already entering a period of Hyper inflation. Raising the minimum wage, increasing petroleum prices are two core reasons. People who own assets just watch their valuations rise. People who don't (renters or interest only adjustable mortgage holders) won't be able to afford to maintain their current standard of living. Progressives are just hamstringing those that they are supposed to be representing.
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