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  1. How far out do we think he is from sailing now? I think it sails next spring.....
  2. Leo Sampson seems to be mailing it in now.
  3. That's almost as cool as sailing around the world in a Moore 24, alone..... almost.
  4. Has anyone gone down there and given the poor SOB a bottle of Scotch yet? The man has to be parched....
  5. Anyone know what happened to Smiling Bulldog, the C&C from Ithaca / Lake Ontario? I was too young when she was in her heyday. I only sailed on it a couple times. I remember hearing a story about a epic finish at Levels, but no details.
  6. Going to be a few months of "We put some more frames in" videos. Will be interesting to see if he can speed it up some. Still pretty cool. Wonder how winter will affect things.
  7. Very nice surfacing jig. Gotta make sure that they turn the screws the same to keep it level. Wonder if the recap, and extra video was because of all the extra traffic the front page generated.
  8. Dude is doing it right. Getting paid by people happy to help to restore his own, awesome boat. Mega props to him.
  9. Nice to see a little wood going back in finally. Im sorry I laugh a little every time he says "futtock"
  10. Agreed. I get his thought process that now's the time to do it, but it is a 100 yo boat.
  11. Predictions as to when he finishes this project? Normally I'd say never, but he seems a bit different. As someone above mentioned, what would take me a week of thinking through, he just does. I'll guess summer 2020.
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