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  1. Apparently sold. https://www.facebook.com/Denman-Marine-155293551667352/ Being prepped for shipping to Europe
  2. Varg has been for sale for some time https://www.boatsalestas.com.au/sail-monohulls/international-8-metre-varg/241442/ https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/international-8-metre-varg/241442
  3. https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/1985-steinman-34-custom/SSE-AD-7206201
  4. I really like this lady's work on charts https://www.marineartist.com/
  5. See you in the carpark.... I wonder if Chas actually made any extra sales of his book from our lovely Lord Ian's interesting advertising.
  6. http://berrimilla.com/wordpress/ The boat itself is now in my neck of the woods and has been sitting on the hard for quite some time not owned by Alex anymore.
  7. https://www.vulture.com/2021/01/whats-john-dillermand-the-danish-show-about-a-giant-penis.html
  8. The "Good old handicaps hey?" is no longer visible...... Perhaps they did some tidying up from their end as well?
  9. Looking into the details I wonder if there is an adjustment for average climatic factors. In the details for the Hobart tide gauge, it mentions "Doodson’s method Sa and Ssa from a long period analysis (39.6 years) of Hobart (1960-2010) for the 2013 tide predictions". Maybe the initial predictions are based on the astronomical data about the moon and then fine-tuned to better fit the "long period analysis" as mentioned??
  10. hmmm not so sure about some of this: - as best as I know, prevailing wind and barometric pressure are not factors in tide prediction. - there has been a tide gauge in Hobart since 1889 (I think) so the economic necessity/accuracy argument is not valid - double entry? Do you mean an actual mistake in the tide tables? Hobart tide gauge info http://www.bom.gov.au/ntc/IDO50000/IDO50000_61220.pdf http://www.bom.gov.au/ntc/IDO70000/IDO70000_61220_SLD.shtml This is a good thing to read too ("Dodge Tide" may possibly explain Hobart??) http://www.b
  11. I love a good Tassie photo!
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