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  1. The History Guy did a ~15 minute video on the history of Blossom Rock, a familiar mark for SF Bay sailors.
  2. Yes, depending on all the usuals like cost/complexity, this could be great. I applied for the original beta until I found out that it was geo-fenced. I'm not a live aboard or bluewater sailor, but I spend a lot of time at the boat. Maybe 50/50 between sailing and f'ing around at the dock. No wifi at my docks, just cell service. Would love this for coastal cruising, 'working from home', etc.
  3. SpaceX just applied to the FCC for permission to use on moving vessels. https://www.tesmanian.com/blogs/tesmanian-blog/starlink-vessels
  4. Noticed this story on power winches/single handed sailing as we get older in the Marin Journal. https://www.marinij.com/2021/02/20/s...anded-sailing/ As anyone who races with the Singlehanded Sailing Society in the SF Bay knows, power winches are a topic of great debate for shorthanded racing. From a daysail/coastal cruising perspective, it's hard to beat the Alerions. Self tacking jib and you can go full power winches if you want to. There are a number of them in the Corinthian race this Saturday (181 total boats in the race!). It's interesting to check out the entry list to see what
  5. Sailing instructions are up. 182 boats registered!
  6. I was in Berkeley Marina for around 10 years and moved to Jack London Square about 18 months ago. Happier since I moved and I think Jack London might be something for you to consider. First, here is a plus/minus on Berkeley. Minus: Homeless issue noted by others is real Nothing close to walk to once you are there (but a lot if you are willing to walk a mile or so) They don't dredge the opening and it can get below 6' in a minus tide Some docks are bad (but some are pretty new) More fog than Alameda or Richmond Plus: You are in the middl
  7. Great race. Never thought I would be rooting for a German to beat the Coq live on Youtube, but here we are.
  8. Edit - sorry that is -27 minutes or 5 minutes after start. Yes, at 27 minutes. Basically, my translation is maybe it wasn't completely eased, he hasn't looked at all the data, but he doesn't feel like that was the issue.
  9. Would love to see this continue to grow in the SF Bay/West Coast. Wish there was a shorthanded one-design similar to Figaro or mini class in France. Coastal races and a big Hawaii race similar or aligned with what the SSS has now, but with one design. Err, I mean modern one-design. I guess there is usually a Moore/Express fleet in those races.
  10. Thanks for the great info! Leaning towards UK X-Drive Endure right now.
  11. Yannick in the lead outright plus the time from the Jury. The Coq will be hard to beat.
  12. Any thoughts on the sensitivity of a cruising laminate to bad/lazy flaking? Feel like a noob asking, but I've never owned a laminate main. Other boats I've been on either have a crew to get a good flake or are much smaller boats and easier to clean up later or just not mine so I don't pay attention to wear over time. One guy I asked said that the laminate trains itself pretty quickly with a good slide system and it's easier to get a good flake?
  13. Currently have a dacron main and standard sail slides in the mast track on my tartan 4100. No lazy jacks (took them off, could re-install) I have a process for lowering the main singlehanded that works fairly well and the friction from the slugs actually helps me to get a decent flake on the main by lowering it gradually at the end. In high winds, I fully admit to be lazy about the flake, but it's dacron and I don't stress about it too much. Looking to step up to a composite sail and probably a Tides Marine SailTrack. Would probably get a full batten endurance/ocean/cruising level of
  14. I also thought/hoped it would be on YouTube - "Every matches and racing of the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada will be streamed live on Youtube, Facebook and americascup.com in almost every country around the world. " https://www.americascup.com/watch-on-screens Crap - are they doing that thing where 'almost every country around the world' doesn't include the ones that actually care?
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