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  1. Max, my amigo Jim Eggleston, crewed for the Grangers on Triple (Tap or TripleUp, I can't remember?). He still tells stories about dismasting on a long Gulf coast race, while pushing hard at night in the mid-20s sustained boat speed. And that Tommy towed the boat repeatedly from Houston to FL Corsair nationals with a 4 cylinder toyota previa. That sounds like a testament to how much weight they removed! Jim says that once on the beach in FL, Tommy apologized to Ian for altering his 27 so much; Farrier said, no, keep going man, you're doing my R&D work for free. Jim's photos of the Grangers
  2. Yeah John, I've found that the Fboat forum is highly engaged online as users of Farrier's & Corsair designs, but few of the Fboat builders comment unless they are asked specific questions about their boats. I like the problem-solving over here
  3. I see some good discussions ahead this month, skipper.
  4. So boardhead, would you consider entering Skateaway if you had a certain 57 yr old co-pilot who doesn't think you're too old???
  5. Bunyip, as a 20+ year F27 crew/owner, I too feel your pain and congratulate your seamanship for preventing capsize and getting her back to the trailer. Yes it looks horrible, but as Zonker, Boardhead and others have already said, it's all fixable. What I don't see in the thread is discussion of the beam-internal webs that make the 'backbone' for connecting the folding struts. Your photos don't show me enough close up in that area, but check very carefully where the folding mechanism metal disappears into the underside of the beam. Do we have anyone reading this who has experience inside the l
  6. Ryan, you've got the Bay Area Multihull Association keeping the light on for you here in San Francisco. You will not have a bar tab in this town! Sail safe, sail smart, and Jzerro will make you a record-breaker. Godspeed, good man.
  7. thanks for the wishes Wess! Training Wheels, we'll be back. Jeanne and i loved having the boat in LaCruz and i want to spend a whole season checking out the area. I had eleven people aboard Ravenswing one fine early March day, with whales watching up close. Cracked off the wind a bit to head towards the barn and in that lovely warm Banderas breeze we were jamming at 15 kts for a bit. Didn't know we could do that with an extra ton of humans aboard! If you haven't walking-toured the new wall murals in the LaCruz village, please do. Beautiful work by all-local artists. The municipali
  8. Yep, going nuts back here at home with my tri sitting alone in MX. Long range cruising southbound isn't realistic for us in Covid-time so we want to get Ravenswing back to SF and enjoy her locally. It's a bit nerve wracking watching the hurricanes march this season...
  9. Hey Mizzmo, why rank the f44 cat safer than the F39 tri? Just curious. -Greg (about to sail my F36/39 1,500 miles upwind in Pacific hurricane season
  10. Russell, do you know if Dean still has the G32 at his place just north of San Francisco? I haven't talked to him in a year or so... -greg carter
  11. Reporting in here about the prototype boat of Newick's SummerSalt design. dclayman, we'd like to get in touch with you. This boat was towed from CO to the San Francisco area a while back, and tucked in to another barn until this past weekend. She's gettin' saved and will be splashed soon. The new owner would like to get any history info he can. We found a mooring ball permit sticker from Chicago in 1987, but that's all we know. Photos and writeup of the weekend project are here: https://cartersboat.com/2020/07/19/coming-back-to-life/ If anyone knows about this boat, please comment ba
  12. Chiming in late here... a friend equipped his good-sailing Farrier F36 with a wind vane for crossing the Pacific. Didn't work out; as some have supposed here, the unit couldn't keep up with the apparent wind fluctuations as boat speed varied up and down ocean waves. He removed it from the boat after one long trip. That boat has a few years of great success with the simple Pelagic auto-tiller. I copied him on F36 Ravenswing, and it was fantastic during my 2,500 miles so far. I have an Autohelm brand wind vane, never used, available for sale near San Francisco. contact me thru cartersboat.
  13. As the originator of this thread, I took Boardhead's drawing, built the new 2-rounds hatch and went sailing. Had no idea the thread got 100+ posts until I logged back in tonight to the forum for the first time this year. The comments back and forth make me want to share a little more... Working in a rush during the unanticipated haul out, too far from home tools, I wasn't able to cut perfect circles for (1) the hull hole, (2) the outer disk, (3) the inner disk. Result is the alignment can get off just a bit, and then the seal isn't perfect. Also, my first version of the hand-nut was made by me
  14. Yeah, perfect fit and as bulletproof as possible is the mission here. Gathering materials today and will report back to all on building this weekend and installing next week, per "boardhead"'s ideas. Stay tuned.
  15. Yesterday we had Farrier F36 Ravenswing tri romping across the SF Bay "slot", taking water over the leeward float deck, throwing spray everywhere through the nasty chop, etc. (should have reefed!). Went below once things calmed down behind Angel Island, and was SHOCKED to find the escape hatch wide open and about 18" of green water in the aft cabin. No wonder the helm felt wallow-y. We took on hundreds of pounds of water in a short time. Not good. On the ocean this could have been a swamping disaster. At rest, the bottom of the hatch is about 8" above the water. At speed, to leeward, it's
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