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  1. We were going the other way up Somes Sound to Somesville this morning. 4 knots TWS DDW and 1.5 knots adverse current wasn’t going to get us anywhere under sail (except maybe flushed back out to Southwest Harbor), whether in a hurry or not. Much prefer going upwind and with current in such conditions. Incidentally, Somes Sound is technically a fjard not a fjord. I only learnt that yesterday. Still seeking lobster meat from Pine St Market …
  2. We’ll look for you sailing by as we’re currently in Valley Cove. We might head up towards Somesville tomorrow after hiking up to Valley Peak and St Sauveur in the morning.
  3. We draw 8’6”, so no question it would be a tight squeeze and only something we’d attempt an hour before HW.
  4. Once tonight’s weather clears out I think we’ll head to Valley Cove for some hiking, but we will still be lusting for lobster meat even at $100 or so per kg. NEH did offer us a float but we’ve previously discovered the water is too thin for us at their floats. Once (if?) the weather settles down we’ll head east to Roque and Great Waas (Mud Hole) but not if it stays this cool. Every year I fail to bring enough winter clothing. Really need to start our cruise with a trip to Sugarloaf to raid the ski condo for warm clothing.
  5. We were craving buying some lobster meat in NEH today (I think the place is Pine St Market) to make a no hassle, no mess lobster salad but alas NEH was full so instead we’re at Little Cranberry. The views here are more than sufficient compensation.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up about the dangling wires — quite hard to see them until close. My wife wondered whether there was a mast head unit at the top of each wire.
  7. Our favorite spots in Merchant Row are McGlathery and Hells Half Acre. How crowded was NEH? Headed that way tomorrow down Eggemogin if this weather clears out in time. We have only a few feet clearance under Eggemogin Reach bridge — scares me stupid every time.
  8. Absolutely agree — some of those wind generators that sound like a swarm of giant, demented mosquitos take the biscuit.
  9. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening is quite acceptable but endless generator use (many hours per day/evening/night) is totally anti-social, especially in a crowded anchorage or an otherwise idyllic spot. We don’t have a generator and we’ve not run our engine yet this season solely to charge our batteries. It’s a simple balance of battery capacity, usage and solar charging for us. At anchor with no solar input as a rough rule of thumb we typically consume about 1% of our battery capacity per hour.
  10. We’ll probably go with a hydronic system. Since we added solar and more recently lithium batteries we never run the engine to charge the batteries so more often than not we don’t have hot water. Maybe that’s why people don’t anchor down wind of us. Leaning towards a Hurricane SCH25.
  11. Why, oh why do powerboats that motor all day have to run their generators all evening.? Do they not have batteries? Two weeks ago we were next to a particularly bad offender in Edgartown called "Karen". How completely f***ing appropriate!
  12. We've been surprised so far this week that it is not more crowded. We're currently the only boat in the anchorage between the White Islands (the ones off Hurricane Island). And we've found Perry Creek and Long Cove on Vinalhaven with room to spare. A frequent topic of conversation onboard is whether we should add a diesel heater. It's quite chilly right now despite the sunshine. Heat would certainly have been nice when we were holed up near Ajax in Port Clyde. Maybe the cool weather is keeping the numbers down.
  13. We’re anchored about 100 yards ahead of you. Blue sailboat with white transom and black mast.
  14. Bravo to Ajax! Coming through Muscle Ridge channel past Owl’s Head and seeing Penobscot Bay open up in front of you (in the unlikely event it’s not foggy) is one of those rather special moments in the course of one’s life. Can’t get enough of that!
  15. Not too far from you, we’re currently in Hadley Harbour, but with these north-easterly winds you wouldn’t have been going very far anyway, so you’ve not really lost much, if anything other than a few boat bucks, getting the prop fixed. The forecast is finally for S or SW winds just in time for you to continue. Good luck with the rest of your trip! Headed up to Maine ourselves in a couple of weeks.
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