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  1. well .... the Yanmar 3GM30F is a 3 cyl traditional diesel, w/o flywheel. Design can be traced back several decades. very reliable, rather simple. The 1:st "3" in the model name probably refers to number of cyl, and the "30" refers to an optimistic estimation (or classification if you prefer) of outgoing power, in HP. So: no, you did not miss any mention of a turbo. However, these design characteristics results in vibrations of rather high amplitude, in particular at idle. Increasing rpm will somewhat even out the worst vibrations. The radical way to decrease the vibrations is of co
  2. If you have a 3-blade FF then it is not so old, as I think these were introduced some 5-8 years ago (? time flies). Then I wouldn't worry about prop balance - if it isn't balanced you notice it with heavy vibrations when engaged (Ajax wrote something about this in his travel reports to Maine). If it is smooth as you say - balanced! Huge pillow may work. Our dog (10) prefers to go into the end of a cabin where there is a lot of pillows and similar soft things (we arrange this a bit). He loves to be on sails and sail bags! A lot depends on how your engine is mounted and transmission li
  3. Many dogs finds shaking ground very uncomfortable - your boat and everything on it shakes a bit when the engine is engaged. (Totally different with an outboard). there may be some ways around this, somewhat speculating: 1) increase the idle rpm a bit. the 3-cyl 3GM30F vibrates rather much at its nominal idle, but gets much better at higher rpms, say ~ 1000 rpm. 2) (more expensive) check the rubber feet, may be time for replacement (black rubber powder around the feet is a tell sign, you could also swap to softer rubber feet) 3 (even more expensive) install some absorber between
  4. Woohoo, I have been put on ignore. Insignificant & harmless me. Doesn't this, @Ajax say something? And @Elegua you state some things about a nice and cozy pub. Since when is ignoring and and calling others idiots nice and cozy? In that nice and cozy pub, what do you do with the member who insists telling war stories++ which disturbs the lady who just want to discuss sailing? And when the lady confronts the bully .... you side up with the bully? Is that nice? Actually, personally I could be happy without the war stories as well as the politics here in this sailing forum
  5. No, Dog, it is not up to you to decide. Not to some few others. TL actually just responded to some comments, gave her view. That is perfectly OK. @Ajax claim TL doesn't contribute in any area. BS! TL is very active in discussing sailing; stick to sailing and she will probably do the same. However, you for one have repeatedly told about your navy experiences. Mildly interesting, not really something for this forum - if you do, expect someone might react. Even thought I certainly do not share all TL views, they are very well worth reading. TL is one of very few here who actuall
  6. Pertsa, you have of course seen this: https://5.5inventory.org/FIN/001/ Gullvinge's deck has been a problem for some time ... Another site worth looking at: https://www.classicsailboats.info/5-5-metre Anyhow, Gullvinge seems to be built by Blomqvist in BorgÄ, Finland (as you very well know). That is probably a good indication for a long life even though Tore Holm predicted otherwise. BTW, I know of a Tore Holm SK 55 built in 1917, still sailing; also these boats were not designed to last. The owner painted the hull white some years ago as when varnished the hull above the
  7. Student, Negative Ohm doesn't exist, at least no in real life. So either .... 1) pot diff (in Volts) between hull and battery neg. or 2) some low resistance between hull and battery neg. Have you really checked the galvanic transformer? And then, all el wiring? Get a good universal instrument ($25) and start to measure. disconnect battery at the poles when not in use. This may not be catastrophic. Most things can be fixed. Never trust those who claim negative Ohms. //J
  8. Jules, don't give up on the receiver you have.There are some easy things to check/try before trashing : 1) the components which ages first are usually the capacitors, in particular those in the power unit. These are big both in capacitance and in size -those two cans in the upper left corner in you pic of the open receiver is most likely the capacitors for even out the voltage. There is probably a transformer in the neighborhood. Smell and have a closer look on those. If some liquid has leaked out then that is the culprit. You can easily change these capacitors yourself. cost is
  9. with that background? for me, boat could very well be a rebuilt danish fishermans boat, although this looks slimmer.
  10. yawl as well? I though that stemmed from the US but digging some in internet - yes, that's how it is. From the link offered by rstone (thanks! interesting boats) this is "jolle" and not "julle" - which of course has the same origin but now means different kinds of boats. Oh well ... what's in a name? //J
  11. ?? what is this, more precisely? I have my guesses based on jolle / julle (swedish, of course; jolle is more or less a dinghy whereas julle is a more specific lapstrake constructed boat. The folkboat is "inspired" by the julle, typically a julle is smaller then a folkboat). //J
  12. Which then is your understanding / interpretationon "composite". Wiki has another view " A composite material (also called a composition material or shortened to composite, which is the common name) is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The individual components remain separate and distinct within the finished structure, differentiating composites from mixtures and solid solutions.[1] " Oh, it is p
  13. so, education is bad, is it? Hum, for some, it seems. Those who are not able to grasp what the education is about, they end up as whiners. //J
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