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  1. I’m not a fan of Ichi Ban protesting but I do think that the RC had no choice to protest given that they had to involve another boat in rousing Celestial. I’m not sure what an appropriate penalty should be, but assume the IJ had some precedent when they chose 40 minutes. Crappy outcome all around.
  2. I have an offer I accepted - working through subjects.
  3. Sailing downwind in a large J24 regatta in Seattle as a 40 knot line squall approached from behind. I was asked if we should take down the kite, i think ‘F’it’ was my reply, to which our French Canadian crew mate remarked in his Québécois accent: ‘Don’t look back - is carnage’. Moments later our spreader was in the water. This phrase with accent is our go-to when things get spicy on the water
  4. Just a follow up from my original post - I went with the 109 and just closed on one out of Seattle. Head wanted the 109, heart the 111 and in the end the market mostly dictated my final choice. Excited to be moving up from the j92.
  5. Harsh. Surprised that 12 PLBs went off accidentally during the race. Is that normal?
  6. This is great feedback to my original question, thanks everyone. I like Blur's sportcars analogy and also identify with Crash's definition of fun. I did a lot of shorthanded sailing this year, and my J92 was great for that, so Roleur's take makes sense with the smaller jibs. It really seems like both boats are good choices with the 109 being more forgiving on crew work. Going for my first sail in a 111 in a few weeks. I probably have lots of time to make this decision as the market for both these boats in North America is seemingly non-existent.
  7. Thanks for this info. I’m going for a sale on a 111 later in November. (Not that there’s much for sale right now anyway) Most of my racing is round the bouys but would like to do more distance events. How much more athletic does the crew need to be for the 111 over the 109?
  8. I’m looking to move up from a J92 to a larger boat mostly for headroom when cruising and for offshore racing. The 111 appeals as a racer and pure sailing boat, the 109 looks like a better dual purpose option and there are more of them in my area to race against. Has anyone owned both and have an opinion on which is better and why?
  9. I know not wet gear but i recently bought a drysuit for dinghy sailing - wow, what a game changer that is. Dry and warm.
  10. Really like my Mustang Meris Salopettes - they go on sale sometimes, got mine for $400 cdn last year.
  11. yes they are spaced 1/2 inch so there is flow
  12. i recently bought bullet nosed zincs from martec - designed for less resistance and to go either side of the cutlass bearing. They are a bit small so i have another one i drop over the side wired to the engine mount.
  13. Small egos, chuckles on the boat even if (especially if) we're deep, friendships, gelling on manouvers, minimal barking, the occasional pickle dish.
  14. 1983 Star Worlds in Marina Del Rey, 1996 Tasar Worlds in Cascade Locks, 2007 J24 Worlds in Neuvo Vallata, 2017 6mR worlds in Vancouver
  15. A long distance race like Transpac or Vic-Maui - probably on someone else's program / boat. I have only done a few overnighters. A world championship - I have done 4 in 4 different classes - and would like to do another, they are just so much fun and incredible learning opportunities. A charter in the Med - did Tahiti a couple years ago and that was the first charter I had done. Best holiday ever. A restoration project - maybe I already have that - but I'd like to restore a boat to it's former glory.
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