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  1. I am experimenting with 3 Supercat hulls and would like to add a "modern" rig to create a tri that can carry 2+ people. Aluminum crossbeams might require water stays but a built up arched composite cross structure could be stiffer and clear the wave tops. Jim Gallant removed the foils from his mini-hydroptere and I found NACRA 5.2 hulls so he could convert to a beach cat trimaran for the light winds we have in Puget Sound region in the summer months. Frankenboats are fun!
  2. I still have the issue of "Wooden Boat" that details the design and building of this amazing tri.
  3. I look forward to seeing another daysailing tri in the Puget Sound area! Are you going to trailer it or do you have a place to keep it rigged?
  4. I have a set of trap seats I can offer since they have not been rigged on a Hobie 16 for 15+ years.
  5. This is a Puget Sound beach in Kingston where we have no active logging rafts but the logs get rearranged during every high tide. On the B.C. coast and Alaska the trees are bigger:
  6. That might work when sailing in some conditions but the human power aspect favors boats with more crew to muscle the hull(s) through the calm parts. No-one was able to close the door on the fleet at Seymor Narrows this year, so three boats (2 multihulls) had to park for up to six hours while waiting for the tide to change while everyone else caught up. Battle damage played a large part as well. These considerations are what make this race so interesting and challenging!
  7. Rudders and lifting foils in amas, dagger in main hull - at least it was like that in Port Townsend on Sunday!
  8. Crushed bow on port ama. Not very hydrodynamic! Log or whale?
  9. This was built for R2AK a couple of years ago but completed too late. I have not seen it with a sail.
  10. We need someone with a crazy zoom lens like a Nikon Coolpix 1000 or 900 to catch some video of the approach and a battle damage assessment!
  11. Pears on the webcam? I'm looking for a black, square top main on the horizon
  12. They say they can pump the sails by canting the keel in light air. That sure beats oars and galley slaves!
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