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  1. I am experimenting with 3 Supercat hulls and would like to add a "modern" rig to create a tri that can carry 2+ people. Aluminum crossbeams might require water stays but a built up arched composite cross structure could be stiffer and clear the wave tops. Jim Gallant removed the foils from his mini-hydroptere and I found NACRA 5.2 hulls so he could convert to a beach cat trimaran for the light winds we have in Puget Sound region in the summer months. Frankenboats are fun!
  2. I have a set of trap seats I can offer since they have not been rigged on a Hobie 16 for 15+ years.
  3. Possibly an early prototype of a Newick Somersault 26? LOA and vaka fineness are similar. The aka / ama attachment are a bit unique! http://dicknewickboats.com/outrigger26/
  4. Hi Russell, Would your dad have an opinion about this tri? If he comes out to Washington state to visit again, I can get permission to show it to him (it is in a garage in Silverdale). I found this video where Dick speaks about his sense of aesthetics along with many clips of his designs doing what they do best!
  5. No, not that tri! The photo of the "Unknown Tri" I posted was this one:
  6. I was asking if this tri was a Newick design when I posted that photo but I have not been able to uncover the history or designer. It looks a lot like a Val but is only 26" long with low volume amas. I know it was beautifully built with cold molded cedar and came to Puget Sound from the Sarasota Florida area. It might even race to Alaska someday!
  7. Are you going to use water stays? Did you buy or lay up the crossbeams?
  8. This boat looks very Newick to me but I can't find the builder or designer. It has been in my friend's garage for ten years or so. Anyone recognize her?
  9. The 17 ideas make more sense. The weta was designed for hiking. Those amas are small Who says the WS Equipment evaluations use Sense? Everything was pretty much done in secret in Italy. But the weta has got to be a better choice than the Sonar (slownar), overpriced SCUD and 2.4mR. I just hope the Classification system gets fixed and they stop requiring a mixed team. There are not enough disabled women in the US that know how to sail or want to sail. Any updates on the Weta? I would like to try one but as a low quad, prefer a non hiking boat since I can't move outboard ver
  10. I would try a tow test in zero wind with a fishing rod or a R/C sailplane winch or high start to find the steady state foiling attitude. Adding in the heeling moment from the rig and the counter forces from the foils can be explored later and dialed in once the platform is proven stable in "simple" conditions.
  11. I should add that I have paid cash for a new Rave, Slatts 22, and a used Fulmar 19 while sailing my father's F-33 with Tom Speer.
  12. I'm here for the foil and wing ideas, no matter how impractical. The Wright Brothers were wackos too. I can decide who to tune out and when - Chris O IS MY ONLY IGNORE EVER, but Ballsneedbandaids is right at the event horizon too. Bravo Blunted for an opinion bluntly stated!
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