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  1. thoughts to all mine passed some seven years ago was a wonderfully generous and strong but also fragile woman i owe her an awful lot generally I go climb a mountain and brew up a tea up top for awhile today i went for a kayak paddle with a group but enjoyed the calm and peace to remember her they never leave us
  2. The adams radford mentioned earlier is now available for..... .....a payment plan of 400 per week..... YCMTSU https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/adams-radford-52-ft-payment-plan-welcome-400pw/258634
  3. not suggesting you should not hold people to account should all sail the rules do question whether any grounds for protest also bigger picture of not ending up in the situation at all
  4. Had a look Ok so maybe you can protest depending on a range of criteria / situations we are mostly sailing in club events not worth a sheep station did it cost you the state title or did the bloke just piss you off? tried to find which states you were in, but hard to find, seemed a few goodall bundock brewins featured feel free trying to get redress in your race for the 30 seconds you lost by protesting some other boat in some other race this still applies...... sail better...nail a few tacks..take a better line downwind...pick the shift... you just got
  5. Same advice as before sail your boat better if it was one of those state titles vic, nsw or wa some even noted on the announcement that other fleets were sailing different division you can’t protest if you have been sailing this long and do not know that best spend some time understanding the rules you refer to them again as a cheap class, soft masts etc is this a pissing contest cause your cat is worth more? just sail your boat and leave others to sail theirs you should be so much faster they are just traffic on the course going to argue with that
  6. you sail an f18....the other sails a pt you seem to have negative comments on the pt generally were you actually in the same division? hard to protest if they were in a different division best advice? look ahead and plan your race track better you should just clear away i sail something fast and work hard to stay clear in mixed fleets cause it just pays off if you can point so high should go over the top the ‘arrogant’ comments suggest preconceived perceptions everyone is just trying to sail their race you should sail yours better wer
  7. do plenty of hiking in national parks and some kayak camping too....bit of stealth camping wherever carry the least amount of gear..... lightweight......minimalist.....leave no trace tarp set up and double setup with coffee on the go.....
  8. A lack of any lines was visible.... the seating may require a clean.... Minor repairs to transom.....amongst other maintenance works...
  9. Found this... https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/adams-radford-52-ft-owner-may-trade-or-payment-plan-possible/258634 you can trade your perfectly good 30ft yacht and get a major project for your troubles....
  10. sorta 3 days....... saturday / sunday / monday Stripped back a guillemot cedar strip plank kayak that had been painted with layers of paint Then a coat of epoxy Still have to sand, second epoxy coat and 2 plus coats of varnish will then fix / mod rudder system and few other bits splashing in water this saturday
  11. so......imminent....... in November......or December .....beyond funny to have stuck with this for so long da chop has to be on the payroll
  12. gawd could not bring myself to read it all you really are on the kool aid for this thing
  13. oh.......great.....quite possibly almost reasonably definitively without question decidedly imminent then...... .........with thousands of cases how is it hard to get volunteers if it is such a great treatment?
  14. mid july....... what exactly is mid July? imminent..... what exactly is imminent? discuss..
  15. dachopper believes this one is imminent....... great point you make
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