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  1. Yeah, sorry Pil, we did do a ring around to say it's now open to all. Hopefully we'll get a few more "foreigners" to sign up before the weekend. No prizes, $20 entry only to cover setup costs, no on-land socialising, but, hey, we'll try and have fun anyway! Last look we had 19 entries with another 4 or 5 monos likely I'm told. Cheers, Alan. https://royalmotor.com.au/boating-groups/sailing/oct-pittwater-regatta
  2. Yes guys, unfortunately LCMR 2020 has now become another casualty of Covid-19. As mentioned above by Indian Chief, plans were reasonably well advanced to run it from RMYC under Covid restrictions meaning no up-close socialising, presentations etc. But we were confident we could make this work and still enjoy sailing time together. That is until just a few days ago, when AS significantly tightened restrictions to the extent that NO boats from outside the Pittwater region could be invited. Yes, that's right, no Gosford, no Cronulla, no Lake Macquarie and even no Sydney Harbour! And of course for
  3. Entries now open. Regarded by many as Australia’s friendliest, best value, laid back, good fun regatta. 4-6 October, RMYC Pittwater. Notice of Race and Entry form here https://www.royalmotor.com.au/multihulls/Crowther.html Hope to see you there.
  4. Fixed My F-28R is one of the first F-28 imports to AUS, in about '98 by Ian (Ox) Davis. I think the boats were Scud, Pear Tree, Summit, mine was Special Kay owned by Greg Kay of Classic ( I love love love the Omohundro carbin mast) Peter Hey Pete, there was another one called Moreton Bay Bug (sailed by Ox I think) that we raced against at Wangi one year back in the late 90's. I think John Partridge's brother had one as well. Don't remember the name though and "My Toy" is still around in Gosford I believe. Definitely one of Ian's best designs ever IMHO.
  5. Coppercoat does have some advantages as noted above but it doesn't actually work particularly effectively as an antifoul per se. Still needs regular scrubbing if the boat is to live in the water. Over the years, I've used both ablative and "hard" antifouls and found the ablative stuff pretty well useless unless you don't mind seeing the stuff seriously discolour the water every time you are tempted to wave a sponge at it to remove some minor slime build up or similar. The hard scrubbable (non-epoxy) products from International (Ultra) or Norglass (Topflight) are reasonable. Call their technica
  6. Then there's this scenario. Forecast is for a windy series. Need big boys on the boat but not much room on F-22R Gumphy so let's have 3 large lads for a total of 270kgs. As above, OMR is 0.866. Airplay adds 4 big lads totalling 360kg. Hmmmm OMR is now 0.858. Now that's got to be fair!
  7. Paul, back to Airplay vs Gumphy. At 270kg crew weight, both boats would have a virtually equal OMR rating (869 vs 866). Would you seriously claim this would be a "fair" contest "equalising the two boats so the best sailors win" which is the common catchcry amongst OMR advocates. Airplay would hardly notice 270kg. And if there was any significant breeze, swell or chop, Airplay would be a speck on the horizon. BTW this is to say nothing negative about Gumphy or the way it is sailed. It's a fantastic boat and Neville sails it very well. You know my views. On the one hand there is OMR and on the
  8. Dear oh dear! Airplay 0.904 and people wonder why I keep thinking OMR is significantly flawed. Paul you've seen Airplay on a Monday night. It would leave all of the above in its wake in any conditions even without David R on board. And Gumphy (a lovely little F-22R) at 0.962 is just plain ridiculous IMHO.
  9. It's not relevant to the point you were making in your previous post which was about relative boat speeds.
  10. Hey Paul, looks like you've included the "windless lottery" Race 4 in your calculations. If we base it on the first 3 races and give SPC4 a score of 5 minutes ahead of Louie, (which is roughly where they would have finished had they sailed the correct course and not been scored DNF!) gives a slightly different picture: SPC 4, Sprint Mk2, 5:28:23 Gumphy,F-22R, 6:17:23 Louie, Sprint Mk1, 6:07:11 This is taking nothing away from Neville and the Gumphy crew who deserved their final place on the podium, but as you know, the last race had half the fleet, including Two Tribes, sitting 200
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