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  1. Ok folks, Lock Crowther Regatta is on for this year Oct 2-5 with both cruising and racing divisions. Starts with the short Ocean Race on Friday 2nd October, inshore racing Sat/Sun and one early one Monday morning 5th. NOR will be posted in a week or so. Please get the word out so we ensure this is a great sailing success. Thanks to Brent Vaughn from Multihull Central for agreeing to sponsor eh event even though there's no official social program due to Covid restrictions. Multihull sailing will be the winner here.
  2. just waiting for the club to approve our Covid style regatta. will know soon but id be planning for it.....
  3. Glad i checked in to SA as i normally don't. must have been the sailing gods directing me. Not true at this stage Pil. I'm meeting with the RMYC Sailing Division representative today to discuss options to keep this regatta alive this year without a social program.
  4. After having the whiskers out to the hulls (which my cat was never designed to have) i was concerned about the load and twisting effect on the hulls so we redesigned in consultation with an experienced multihull engineer and came up with what i believe a magic solution. The boat no longer feels loaded up. if i was parking it in a marina berth i'd have one of the side lines on a friction ring purchase set up that could be easily detached and the pole swung sideways. Also, the spreader set up allows the pole to hold its self up rather than using the seagull striker A frame. Sailing upwind we alw
  5. Great stuff Pil, just make sure you get up to Pittwater for the Crowther Regatta this time so we can kick your ass back to Cronulla :-)
  6. I just checked in here and read the posts on Bullfrog. In January 2014 and just a couple of weeks before Bottman purchased Bullfrog i had agreed to buy it for 80k and deposited 20k on it based on the purchase going ahead subject to a "reasonable" survey. I had started my offer for it at 60k but had to go up to 80k which was more than it was worth but, hey what's 20k when it comes to old multis. I had the broker put her on the beach at Bayview in Pittwater and flew Geoff Cruse down to do a survey at the same time he was doing one on a mates Crowther 52 Cat, Two Up Together. Geoff did a full sur
  7. Seems like a cool solution so long as the crews make the hard work changes setting up the staysail as the conditions change. I love my new Facnor internal lock on my screecher. TG is a different boat since the lock went in. Just don't feel that ugly load trying to break the boat now when the upwind screecher is up. We've had no issues with the lock at all. To the point now I'm thinking of putting one on the main next, but still wary of the SCENARIO of building breeze, offshore late at night and the lock won't let go because it hasn't been cleaned/serviced and ceases up.... Do you think th
  8. Hey Pil, with the small size of your jib, i'd be going furling with vertical battens as i have on TG. It's easy on the crew, fast put away and simple. You'd be hard pressed to ever have to reef your jib, surely its good upwind up to 30+ knots? Unlike monos, reef your main heaps first. We will sail TG with two reefs and full jib in 35 knots then i might put a few rolls in the jib furler but the shape is then crap (which my sailmaker is working on a possible solution) however it happens so in frequent it doesn't matter the boat still goes upwind like a steam train just not as high on the breeze.
  9. Sounds terrific LionIsland. My Crowther cat, Top Gun will be there so long as the weather and business commitments allows to get her back from up North in time
  10. I was on Room last week just after the broker left. Its in really good nick, doesn't need a refurb at all. If you don't mind the "extras" with a few changes it would be an awesome quick cruiser/offshore racer. The front beam and catwalk are all composite and nicely done. The engine/s set up needs to be totally changed as it would drag terribly but otherwise its pretty good and big compared to my boat as in hulls and pod. It wouldn't take much to sort the engine set up. Maybe the little pods each side could go, however they would be very handy for storage and even as bunks for visitors when cru
  11. Lovely Tri, i owned her from 1999 to 2003. She's a go anywhere cruiser with a good turn of speed in a bit of breeze.
  12. Look what just popped up, seen by an Airlie Beach local whilst travelling in Fiji. She was shipped from NZ to Fiji and now working as a day charter boat out of Vunda Point.
  13. Room was built in the mid 90s after my cat, Top Gun. Room was a more cruisy version. Same original builder and owner.
  14. Been somewhat modified since her best days. Now lives around Airlie Beach.
  15. I remember reading that Yumi Maru capsized, or something. It's been a very long time since I read about that boat so I'm not sure exactly what happened. Was Yumi Maru built to the designed 55 foot length, or was it lengthened to 62 feet as was Spirit of America for the 1976 OSTAR? 55 foot as per the design. yes she did capsize i think it was just after the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone race in the mid to late 80s
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