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  1. If you put your brand on the line, you put the whole range on the line. And if this was really a critical issue for B., they'd have done sth about it in any design since then. I think it is a very good move by SSC to have hired the NZ engineering company, but (to my knowledge), they are project-specific, not working for B. as a whole? That would speak volumes to me about the confidence in the in-house engineering dpt. of B. Nono, that is not a Beneteau. And I don't mean to make that sound like a bad thing, it is not.
  2. Yeah? How are the post-Rafiki Océanis keels designed? Laminated in or glued on?
  3. It's not the parent company. See up-thread, it is -as I read it- merely a shareholder now, with a large part of the shares, but not the majority. But it's certainly a good move to call in specialists to design this delicate area.
  4. Only if you really screw up the upper laminate in the first place. Just glue is a problem waiting to happen, in my view. It won't happen in every hull number, but you enter a lottery here.
  5. Looks like a Patrick Balta Tangara
  6. We all know what's really going on here.
  7. Saw this beauty earlier this summer, near Cuxhaven. Probably Freya, built by a local shipwright for himself, I think these are Gartside lines.
  8. Last position indicated was 29° 3.71 N, 026° 30.38 W so that is far from USVI, I have no means to change the title of the thread, sorry, the first news reports were false in this regard. Here is more: https://farevela.net/2021/11/28/tragedia-allarc-muore-un-velista-francese-per-un-incidente-su-agecanonix-a-sud-delle-azzorre/ Apparently, the skipper is among the injured, not the one crew member deceased. Still, what a tragedy.
  9. Cruise ship 'Mein Schiff' rescued two crew from a large sailing yacht between USVI and Anguilla. One was reportedly dead before rescue attempts started, two were taken from a liferaft by daylight by a German cruise ship. Looks like a large X-Yacht to me, XP 44 or 50? Report (in German only) https://www.bild.de/video/clip/news-ausland/yacht-drama-im-atlantik-deutsches-kreuzfahrtschiff-wird-zum-seenotretter-78376522,auto=true.bild.html#skip-nav Looks very strange to me, boat looks in tiptop condition, all lights on, did not sink as it seems.
  10. I know, but I guess you would always sail around with the feeling that 'something isn't quite right', wouldn't you? And I'm not sure if maintaining an expensive airbrushed wooden finish would really make that much of a difference in comparison to a wooden boat? It depends, I guess? And also: does it really, really 'always' have to be 100% perfect? 'A Day at the Races' is one of the last RORC boats for the One Ton Cup, a Camper & Nicholson design, 35ft. I love that boat as it looks like an enlarged Twister. She featured in a very nice episode of 'My Classic Boat', in which t
  11. That is a great story on the rbssailing site, quite a thriller. Here is the 1986 One Ton Cup, that is 'Andelsbanken' at the beginning.
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