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  1. The good news is: the choice gets very easy because my guess is neither will be within 250k USD. Let's go down the road less travelled, shall we? This is a Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40. They are available for far less than 250 k USD, some even in the Carib. They are not your typical worn-out charter boats and the yard regularly gets rave reviews. Their last 48 in fact got one of the best reviews I have ever read. The design above is also quite young, around 2005. If you want to remain on the classic / sporty side, have a look at their Centurion 40s:
  2. Nice pic (took the liberty to edit it somewhat...) Zingara is a very, very beautiful boat, and also a quite succesful racer, it seems. She won the Ida Lewis race in her class last year, here is a cutout from the race report. It looks quite funny, that stylish yawl and the TPs on the same page: Here is an interview with the new owners. Reminds me much of Holger Danske:
  3. Makes me wonder why you ask the question when you know the answer. Take that one, than.
  4. Yankee 38 Swan 38 Still, very nice, both.
  5. I despise this entire place more and more. Hardly any sane person left, it seems.
  6. Very nice! Any intention of racing her in the Baltic (I assume)? Here's a BB 10 on fire: Not planing, just surfing. Still, shows what capable boats these are. A bit smaller and more rare, but comparable in my view to the BB 10 is the Solus Alta:
  7. The 'Classic One design' Sadly, only one was built. No wonder, by a yard that is famous for its Knarr boats.
  8. https://jowners.org/images/docs/j88/J88 Owner Manual Combined 7-14-15.pdf True, STIX of 32 is necessary as a minimum. Hm... How does STIX change with, say, making a boat insubmersible? If you basically fill any last bit with foam, would that increase the STIX to an acceptable level? Btw: get well soon.
  9. I had not seen that, thanks. That must be one of the smallest entrants in recent race history. I love the J/88, I am surprised to see that it may have more stability than the 30OD per the (few) ORC ratings. But bringing one to the Fastnet... I don't know. Ratingwise, it seems a lost cause. Rates the same as an A35 and a J/99? Must be a 'bucket list' thing... Owner is an experienced Fastnet entrant, so...
  10. I misread that, true, sorry. I think that used to apply also for monos until some years ago, no? However, there have been no finishers that small in the last editions, as far as I've seen. The smallest were the likes of Archambault A31 (very good results) and JPK 9.60 (first Foggy Dew), and a Humphrey 30 (not sure about entrants, though). I could possibly see a Corby 29 as an eligible entrant, but to my knowledge that hasn't been done so far. A Whitbread 30, maybe? Looking at the specs for the Dehler 30OD and an A31, you see that these are two different animals. Probably, it is also
  11. My guess is: not eligible due to hull length. Minimum for Fastnet is 9.15 m Dehler 30 OD is 9.14 m (IRC ratings even show 9.12 m). I wonder if they did that on purpose. How could you overlook that otherwise in the requirements phase of the project???
  12. Sailing for the masses: and small masses:
  13. Asking price translates to 30,000 dollars. Not bad for a Picasso.
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