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  1. Matagi

    Defer the second dose for three months

    Trust him. He's an expert.
  2. Matagi

    Can I just say...

    ... the system glitch was probably the best thing that has ever happened to this part of the forum. Some of you may have even done something crazy. Like going out, calling a friend, taking a shower, travelling to the Galapagos. Others probably tried to poison themselves. Now, happily we can resume with the daily business. Where were we? Right, Lockdown is crazy in one thread, a must-do in another, statistically speaking statistics are lies with numbers in them and the sock puppets will kill us all, but only the UK variants. And the Brazilians. And Texas, ooohh Texas. Popcorn, anyone?
  3. HR apparently working on a new model, to be presented later this year. Any idea what the size might be? They are playing the teasing game: Snippet looks like it's rather on the larger size range. I would so wish to see a new HR in the 30 ft range. That would be a hot-seller for couples, in my view, and a perfect successor to the 310. But my guess is that the economies don't add up in that range for HR, minimum seems to be the 340 for longer?
  4. Matagi

    China Probing Japanese Assholes

    They are very good at knowing stuff, you know? They knew...
  5. I said to my wife the other day: if Facebook and the likes had been around when the first polio vaccine was rolled out, we would still be in deep shit today.
  6. Matagi

    Obligatory Girl

    Sneaky and cheeky. I like.
  7. Matagi

    The UK Variant

    That's what it looks like when you're being 'finnished'.
  8. Matagi

    Why is it getting better? US / world

    I agree on the point that we in the 'western world' have become masterful at prolonging life, only to find that we often have no real idea of how to use it. But it is a whole new world of a problem and only partially intersects with this one. And, as in this case, too quickly in an absurd and cynical way.
  9. Matagi

    Vendée Globe 2024

    Skipper Nationality Boat Design Sponsor Start 2024 likely? Hare, Pip UK Probably used 2016 gen Unknown Medallia* 70% Herrmann, Boris GER New* Unknown TBA 80% Bestaven, Yannick FRA Unknown Unknown TBA 80% Sorel, Maxime FRA Unknown Unknown TBA 50% Louis Burton FRA Ex-L'Occitane en Provence Sam Manuard Bureau Vallée 99% Louis Duc FRA Ex-Maitre Coq, PRB (2006) Farr TBA 80% Violette Dorange FRA Unknown Unknown TBA 40% Phil Sharpe UK Unknown Unknown Zero Emission 40%
  10. Matagi

    Why is it getting better? US / world

    Interesting. Have you got a link, by chance?
  11. Matagi

    The Swedish Experiment

    AAAAAhahahaha. The Beria-move. Always good to keep the files.
  12. Matagi

    The UK Variant

    Fixed it for you. And the other guy whose name I forgot.
  13. Matagi

    Why is it getting better? US / world

    Bullshit, now that's a metacognitive word.
  14. Matagi

    Why is it getting better? US / world

    Both. It's the Dunning-Kruger effect in full display. // It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from people's inability to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their level of competence. Colloquially, people experiencing this bias are said to be "on Mount Stupid".//
  15. Matagi

    Found my boat on Google Maps

    That's cool. Here she is. Still on the hard, pic must be from early summer last year.