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  1. John Harris from CLCboats had this in his Instagram. I like it a lot.
  2. Btw. Sorry that I have to get back to 'it' again, but photographer Alexander Panzieri has done the impossible. He has actually taken a great shot of 'A'. That is really not bad. For a star destroyer. Please visit Alexander's portfolio website, he is a really good photographer.
  3. Apparently not. It has higher goals now.
  4. Cockpit of Bestevaer 2 Cockpit of Zeerover (note the tiller extension)
  5. Let's put that under 'he was young and needed the money' I was on Bestevaer 2 once. It was docked in Makkum, stern to the dock. You can see how sturdy it is from afar. Look at that massive tubegame going on in the back. I was so nervous. When entering it, I was treading so lightly, like walking on eggs. I was excited like on a first date. Then, I shook Dijkstra's hand, but he was already in a conversation. I could have a look around, though, took a pic of his bookshelf . Next stop Morrocco, it seemed. Very nice oven, very dutch.
  6. Since we here are the official coolkeepers and beauty pageant jurors and the question was asked on something that is called a 'Vront-Paige' (?): Is it cool? I don't know. It looks like people that think of a Landy as a 'highly practical car' will love it.
  7. It is a low price for a 325, the wheel is not original for sure, that makes me think of some extensive DIY surgery to ask about. Good that it had anti-Osmosis treatment already. Age of the sails would be sth. to look after, as said above. Here is a short description of this design and how these look in mint condition. Here is a used boat test, surely worth the €. I think it's good to set aside a good portion of your budget for upgrades and repairs, so that your 20k become maybe 14k. So it is a good idea not to 'fall in love' with one certain offer, but rather keep your pers
  8. I think that is an actual Blofeld quote.
  9. You're either insane or an oligarch.
  10. Swallow Yachts have been around for a while, they are doing some fantastic sailboats, too, that's where they started. The Coast 250 is essentially a motorsailor, but in fact one of the best sailboats I can think of, great looking as well, in my view.
  11. Splendid. Love the looks and it has so many cool ideas (the seats alone are genius). Bonus points: it's wood.
  12. I can't believe you went to such lengths for this.
  13. Looks a lot like Festival du Chant de Marin in Paimpol?
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