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  1. Come on, how can you not love this:
  2. Mainsheet is on the dodger. I think it's a great boat, more like a fast expedition boat, in no way related to the JPK race boats. I'd rather see a potential X-4.6 client as their prey here.
  3. So maybe not a daysailer, but surely an idea for the senior couple. Here is what I had in mind: Obviously an unconventional rig. A high-peaked gaff sacrifices little in upwind performance, but makes it so much easier to lower the mast alone. The mainsail is somewhat large, but it sports three reefs. There is a rather long keel that allows for a lot of ballast, but it will also house a centreboard. The combination allows her to dry out on legs and sneak into very safe, secluded anchorages. However, there is a cutout in front of the rudder. This allows for better, tighter manoeuvres th
  4. Basic lever principle would have been my answer. But this one is good, too.
  5. Good question. Just speculating here:
  6. Coming back to the original question, I believe the JPK 38 is capable of planing while being a rather comfortable boat.
  7. Balta is surely a very creative architect. Here is Etoile Horizon once more. I think she was even built along IMOCA standards? Yes, I too think this concept works very well on certain angles: 'Idee' by Georg Nissen
  8. Etoile Horizon with her former rig. Coolboat.
  9. That was quite funny. Especially with this one. You do remember the title of this thread, right? Look, it's ok that you love her. And I'm sure she has many qualities. Maybe the fastest great forward locker in New England or something, I don't know/care. But she is more Songsan than E-Type. Definitely not material for this thread.
  10. There are few Spirit of Tradition boats that really make the cut and stand out on their own. Most will always be just a very expensive compromise. Laughed at by those who have a really fast boat and are committed to racing, loathed by those who think that a boat only 'truly' becomes classic over time, or, sometimes with the story it has to tell. Let me give you one example: Komatsu Azzura is 'just' a S&S 34. But the stories she has to tell? The S2H races, the British PM buying one on the spot, being bought on a credit card by Michael Winfield? The twists and tweaks he made to it? Thes
  11. Says the one who has spent what, a year, as one of the rather active clowns in this circus? Come on.
  12. I did not. Apart from making a point, that is.
  13. Sure. You said: Vulnerable = those who are most likely to die from covid-19 or have serious illness. Which is less that 0.8% of the population. The vulnerable group, i.e. those who are most likely to die from covid-19 or have serious illness is certainly far bigger that (sic!) 0.8% of the population. People older than 65 account for ca. 80% of all deaths. 17% of all US citizens are older than 65. That you don't get tired of this is beyond me. Fascinating. Bit like an ugly car crash.
  14. Don't overburden him. Plus: it's somewhat entertaining from afar. But you're right on the issue.
  15. If racing: Dragon or Esse 850. If you want to build something that turns a head: Toulinguet by Francois Vivier.
  16. No, frankly, I still believe wood is the way to go, if you want a still affordable one-off racing yacht for amateur racing and occasional cruising with some amenities. GRP requires expensive molds, carbon requires expensive skills (and molds), so... Here is 'Gloria', she is not cold-molded, but double planked over a rather traditional set-up of ca. 30 or 40 frames. She weighs ca. 5.9 tonnes, very low for a 40 ft yacht. She was also designed as a reminiscence and spirit of tradition yacht in a certain way, following the lines of traditional smaller 'Jollenkreuzer' from Germany's Elbe and W
  17. No, sorry, did not mean to imply that - and per se there is not necessarily something bad about it. I rather meant 'you' as 'from the owner's perspective'. How do you capture the spirit of a spirit? What is the essence of the tradition? Very hard to say. Most designers get it wrong, but only few as much as Botin in this example, in my view. The same goes for cars. I love the series that Frank Stephenson does on car design, here is one episode in which he shares his view on how he would re-design the F-40. It gives you a good perspective of how hard it is to find the defining lines
  18. If you want to go down that road, be a it more consequent, in my view. Here is one project I am really looking forward to: Elida, drawn by Thomas Tison for a well-known German sailor: Currently being built, but few updates and fewer recent pics exist.
  19. Never heard of an Esse with an inboard, but I like it! Have fun with it!
  20. Judging from Warings 'manifesto' (what a pompous use of this word): basically anything goes. As long as some sort of committee (probably blokes that come from the same Ivy League background as you) agree or can be convinced that you have done something with some idea of how a classic boat 2.0 should look like in mind. As far as I'm concerned: I don't feel anything looking at it. Looks like a TP 52 with a wooden box as a cabin. There have been IOR tonners more beautiful than ... that.
  21. Great decision, looking forward for pictures!
  22. Fantastic shot, Franco Pace. I was a bit surprised that this did not make no. 1 in the Mirabaud contest recently.
  23. As long as the clowns stay put, I'm all for it.
  24. Everyone around here knows your fucking days are long gone.
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