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  1. jdubes


    Great view of Sippican Harbor Marion.
  2. It all comes down to your skill when racing. A 36.7 with asym against j109 makes for a fun equal race, and in strong winds you will take the j109. The benefits down below, being able to cruise it comfortably and the construction is why I choose a 36.7 over a j109. It's a far more versatile boat with a broader range of use cases.
  3. The interior has so many clean lines and no obstructions, I feel bad for any paid crew that will need to pickup all the crap off the cabin floors.
  4. So I get to watch a sport on TV that I enjoy doing everyday. To someone else's point, is it Monday Night Football, nope. Am I happy that I can watch it, absolutely. Thanks to who ever you are over at NYYC for budgeting for the coverage and video.
  5. A Cocount Mojito, basically it's derivative of traditional Mojito best consumed on down wind legs. In Fact it's good for homeward bound legs, sunset....and just about anytime after 5:00. I especially like them just after I go through woods hole. 1-2 oz simple syrup (based on how sweet you want it) 2 oz Rum (pick your rum) 2 oz cocunut run (Cruzan preferably) 5 minced mint leaves 1/4 Lime squeezed 4-5 oz Schweppes tonic water.
  6. Exactly! Don't fight the water.
  7. I don't know much about the success of Ganbare as a boat with a crew, i'm speaking purely from a design standpoint. Sure it was considered lighter for it's time, which is a good trend for any moving object you want to get going faster....make it lighter. The Farr-like designs changed how a sailboat dealt with water. And that will have staying power for a very long time. Foiling is a the next stage, have almost no wetted surfaces.
  8. That's If you like a modern era boat designs that enjoy pushing through water. Not to give them the credit, but what about all the Farr-like designs.
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