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  1. The article : Basically he is saying following having a shorter mast, they decided to shorten the main hull for : Weight Windage (3m length, 3m height, so 9 m2), that created strange balance sometimes The bow of the central hull being very narrow, it was vibrating when entering or exiting waves As for the program, they plan for a JVT attempt end of this year.
  2. Guichard interview below, quite a few explanations : https://www.ouest-france.fr/sport/voile/ultimes-yann-guichard-on-a-raccourci-spindrift-de-3-metres-e4a594e4-a6a4-11eb-9511-659a239c9bc2
  3. Yes, they maybe target a JV trophy win, considering that the probability that a foiling ultim makes it without a major foil (amas, rudders, or daggerboard ones) damage seems rather low at this point. But it would be interesting to know the reasoning behind this shortening (or the reasoning for the original central Hull longer than the amas). This boat still holds the North Atlantic record with Bidegorry, and there are vids of this time, where the sheer power of it is really impressive.
  4. Yes what I understood as well, and Alex really needs to win a race!
  5. Also 40 to 37 for "Le Telegramme" : https://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/les-nouvelles-couleurs-de-spindrift-23-04-2021-12739782.php?utm_source=rss_telegramme&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss&xtor=RSS-44
  6. By the way 30x30 refers to the objective of protecting 30% of land surface and 30% of oceans/seas surface by 2030, not sure what that really means .. But the boat has apparently exactly the same foils as before, what are its objectives ? Does it fit in the Ultim class now ? Ultim is 32 length, 23 beam BPV was originally 40 length, 23 beam, (and 23 tons as per wikipedia) 8 meters to remove is quite a bit ! Edit : According to Ultim news, it is now 37 meters boat length : https://www.ultimboat.com/copie-de-ultimes-news So still out of the Ultim
  7. Not very clear : https://spindrift.racing/en/ https://sailsofchange.org/
  8. Some ubergreen discourse ... Didn't get to the end yet, but apparently the name change is for the whole Spindrift team, not only the maxi tri
  9. The thing is that these Ultim programs are really something (and up to now they had quite a lot of issues, no big race finished without any foil, rudder, daggerboards issues.) And the sailing sponsors these days are not the big "CAC 40" corporations (there has been a period where companies like Orange/france telecom or Veolia got involved, or Elf before, but not the case anymore). And I don't see which "traditional sailing sponsor" (from IMOCA for instance) would like to go up the ultim class. But hope Gabart will find one !
  10. Interesting mix of 3D renderings and actual footage in that vid
  11. Some updates from Cornell : https://cornellsailing.com/fr/2021/04/what-next-update-on-aventura-zero-plans/
  12. Indeed the case : https://catamaran-outremer.com/occasion_detail.php?val=7799003#affiche_descr
  13. By the way, just out of curiosity, is this change also related to a change of contract mode with "Invision" ? Like from an "on premises" license to a saas/"cloud" license or something ?
  14. you are exaggerating quite a bit there, to say the truth
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