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  1. Holy sh... That must be nasty for the deck hardware and everything ...
  2. https://mailchi.mp/tipandshaft/142-mini-transat-what-happened-on-the-first-stage-jrmie-beyou-we-have-a-bit-of-a-spirit-of-revenge?e=bb6a1198ac
  3. It is Irina who initiated this talk right ? She is not only a great sailor but also a great diplomat ! Otherwise was Melwin already more south than the others (too lazy to check it out) In the end I think Iridium go should be part of the mini package.
  4. Bigger format : from : https://www.facebook.com/sleeso http://www.sleesoland.fr/Au Bureau/index.html
  5. Below a Le Cleach interview with videos from BPXI (not sure if behind a paywall or not) : https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/transat-jacques-vabre/video-transat-jacques-vabre-armel-le-cleac-h-o-n-va-voir-ce-que-le-bateau-a-dans-le-ventre-776364c8-26c5-11ec-b8e1-a5d0cfbb7050 About the pic above, did you mean BPXI, the current one ? BPIX is the one that was completely destroyed in its second capsize. But the one on the pic doesn't look like BP XI : (the GV sheet "bar" especially looks different, and the two beams makes much less of an X than o
  6. Indeed looks like it. Note : About details seen from space, in fact alot of google maps/earth pictures are taken by planes : https://support.google.com/earth/answer/6327779?hl=en#zippy=%2Csatellite-aerial-images Don't know if it is systematic for the highest details level though.
  7. Great Victory ! (and great for the class I think) According to below he didn't say yet whether he did receive the advice or not : https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/course-au-large/mini-transat/un-skipper-allemand-inconnu-de-19-ans-melwin-fink-gagne-la-premiere-etape-de-la-mini-transat-b55a8396-277a-11ec-8c95-4dff48bc79c9
  8. So Jay restarted with his broken rudder (no elevator anymore), anybody knows if he will manage to get a new one for the second leg ?
  9. Yes I get that, but the mini class is very high tech in the boat architecture aspect, so why should they stay "retarded" in the navigation/weather/electronics aspects ? It made perfect sense some 20 years ago, don't think it's the case anymore. Maybe they could agree on a standard package to limit budget aspects.
  10. To me Yvan is kind of right. But also in our time, all these sailors are used to sail with access to precise weather data, and when getting such a warning without clearly seeing the thing by yourself(which Yvan could see) , understandable that they stopped. As today having an iridium go and access to weather data requires little equipment /energy, perhaps, it is time to allow it in the mini class? If it had been the case, I think more would have taken the risk.
  11. Gutted for Jay !! Are people allowed to do the second leg if they have to retire from the first ?
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