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  1. It’s a birds eye view for a Loon, just saying.
  2. But if we ease the jib we won’t point as high!
  3. Because that high pressure ridge is not done yet. It’s forecast to slide even further south and east, and if you don’t get around it you’ll be 3.5 days behind instead of 1.5.
  4. Thanks Steve, I was hoping you were watching.
  5. I think it has carbon(graphite) in the paint, not in the rudder…just saying.
  6. Same way they have J-70s in the Big Boat Series in San Francisco.
  7. For sure overall in all except maybe Chicago to Mac. Overall on the west coast long distance races is a bit of a lottery because they stagger the starting days in most of the longer races.
  8. You're using a sample of one to try to prove a point, there are too many other variables.
  9. You mean like the Big Boat Series? Or ocean races that start and finish in the same place? That would be a yes.
  10. Looks nice. I like most of the deck layout, way more comfortable than the classic Gunboat setup.
  11. Sounds like Snoopy is headed to Santa Barbara, very cool.
  12. Bummer, it just sold this last spring.
  13. Make a sweet powercat.
  14. Dude, you where close for the river part, but we did 25 before it even got skinny for a total of 139!
  15. Here’s a good one for sale. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1999/j-boats-j-125-3839527/ 1 /
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