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  1. b1 and b2 beginning return trip to Italy https://farevela.net/2021/05/04/gli-ac75-di-luna-rossa-prada-pirelli-iniziano-il-viaggio-di-ritorno-in-cargo-verso-litalia/
  2. LR to resume training In Cagliari in a few months
  3. Right. It’s well known no red yacht ever won the Cup
  4. John le Carré secretly took Irish citizenship! https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/apr/01/john-le-carre-chronicler-of-englishness-died-irish-son-reveals
  5. No, not tied to ground effect. Blowing the (strenghted, I suppose) flaps delays stall and achieves a higher lift coefficient. Old technology (F104, F4) bled and piped air from engine compressor to near flap hinge
  6. IIRC, a kind of blown flaps via the engines exhausts. Normally, flaps have gaps at the engines, not the C17
  7. With due respect for Kiwi skill, I submit the rest of the sailing world shouldn’t be subjected to the vagaries of GD’s andropause
  8. B2 to follow in a few days, ETA Cagliari end May / early June
  9. Thanks for a really meaningful piece. As a detail, it got me wondering - about LRPP having to react to the high and medium wind gap against AM and INEOS - whether those teams made a conscious decision to neglect the Match (considering beating ETNZ a lost cause) and optimize for the. CSS instead
  10. You know the story of every woman’s virtue having a price, don’t you?
  11. https://www.sail-world.com/news/236281/Americas-Cup-Sole-challenger-creates-opportunity After a modicum of pro forma fence sitting, RG predictably gets down to serious TNZ ass kissing The 1:1 match would actually benefit excluded teams, just imagine! (cannot cite Goebbels because it upsets Rennie, but still ...)
  12. Not only that, but - killing two birds with one stone - this would undoubtedly be the most cost effective way to hobble TNZ. That’s why I see him being lured by Alinghi: both proven modus operandi and payback
  13. And after he does, I’m waiting for the how to get rich quick book
  14. Particularly if/when said newcomers make Bernasconi and Verdier offers they can’t refuse. Nothing GD can do about that, and I’ll gloat when that happens
  15. One thing’s obvious: GD/TNZ shouldn’t try to emulate some movie and plan to raise cash in a poker tournament - their bluff is so transparent!
  16. ??? Certainly not. I thought my comment was just common sense. Incidentally, my country’s also involved in the F35 mess, the idea of risking one of these precious planes in a MANPAD environment ...
  17. Using a 130M$ plane for ground attack with cannon - does it make any sense?
  18. No, not SailGP. In fact, the only times Max briefly relinquished his maddening (and totally un-Italian) low-key, fair play impersonation were a barb towards BA (no love lost there), and a laughing mention of SailGP
  19. From Max, sequential logic related to small T- foils: - T-foils work only if they are small - but then to facilitate take-off, you need to give down rudder for a moment - the bow goes down, and take-off happens on the rebound - as a consequence, bow volumes are not ideal for other aspects
  20. (again, from FareVela video) - Bertelli full on - they are already upgrading the Cagliari base - JS confirmed as only non-Italian - they’ll be cultivating more young sailors, even a couple of helmsmen
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