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  1. The real test would be 1-on-1 against Comanche ;-) (though Comanche seems somewhat off the radar these days)
  2. Bout time she got her lovely fat arse on the track. Its been a long time ....
  3. My dad bought me a new Sea Snark in the late 60's (UK). It introduced me to sailing and so I look back with fond memories. Sure, you wouldnt want to go far from the beach in one, but it got me out on the water. Some may scoff at it - but then it was responsible for many people learning to sail, so thats not wrong at all. Its nice to see this as a thread of its own :-)
  4. Dont forget to add all 9 J's to the RTI event as a separate start. What an incredible day that would be. 22nd August 1851 was when it all kicked off, so a near-22nd August 202x date would be momentous. Where can I book my tickets ;-)
  5. Eurgh .... The mis-matched cleat colours on either side and line colours not matching the cleat colours is playing havoc with my OCD ....
  6. He likes to whine. In fact, I have yet to see one positive post from him since he 'al of a sudden popped up'. Stick him on ignore. He doesnt add any value to any conversation.
  7. Its a tragedy waiting to happen. Sorry, but this is a race with no safety protection, support, or any sense of structure. Anyone who takes part and goes in to the Southern Ocean in a small elderly boat with Zero ocean experience and backup and team support is just a potential tragic Headline News story. There is NO port to go to for safety in the SO. You are on your own. If the Pro's in the Vendee had issues, then it will be ten-fold for these folk.
  8. Lets make some up. ;-) Pip and Alex team up to sail HB in the TOR Europe (not a bad idea actually)
  9. Pip has been one of those rare personalities that the general public who know nothing about sailing can connect with. My non-sailing friends have also been following Pip and connect with her through her amazing blogs and videos. Not only a great sailor but a great communicator. She gives the human touch to a somewhat complicated sport. We need more Pip’s in the sport
  10. ATR's latest video is interesting in that they have been doing a lot of speed settings and conditions analysis on the journey back to Blighty then sending the numbers back home to be crunched on the pooters. Why would they do this if the boat is up for sale? Guess they want it for a possible RDR etc, or something else? Perhaps there is an ATR 'to be continued' coming up?
  11. Hugo Boss, as a company, will have been hit hard as much as any clothing retailer this last year - even though they are at the higher end of the market. It would be a little hard to justify sponsoring a fulll blown whizzy state of the art race yacht when their own employees jobs may be at risk - even if there is significant positive media exposure to them continuing. I just cant see HB continuing as a sponsor. As for ATR and Alex, they have done an amazing job in promoting the Vendee and arguably the Vendee would not be in the same position as one of the top ocean racing events in the wor
  12. Surely Class 30? XXX
  13. I am very happy to have finished 25th in the SA group, 22,671 overall - for my first experience using VR and without using any routing software like Zezo, and then a detour to Nemo - purely using my own decisions by viewing the VR forecasts (no VIP) and also no forward Waypoint routing either. Tho next time I might ;-) My partner will be glad that I can now pay more attention to her for a while ;-)
  14. The organiser and his Ex washing dirty laundry in public is of no interest to me, apart from any salacious bedroom gossip .... For me, I cant see how this event is going to work. It is either a cruise in company, or a race. If one begets the other, then its a different ball game. Amateurs who wanna be racers, but do it round the world gives me great concern for safety and experience. Make no mistake, a trip to the ice line in the Southern Ocean for days on end is no cruise in company. The event as described does not appear to have the basic infrastructure to support such an adventure
  15. Beyond amazing. https://www.piphare.com/blog/the-new-rudder-is-in-and-were-back-in-the-game
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