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  1. Don't forget the oilcanning.
  2. We call that "de-pigging" the boat. it makes a big difference on the race course.
  3. Love it! Mine was a '63. The same drivetrain. Faded baby blue. Won a few bets starting it in gear and driving away! AKA the "Fart Dart".
  4. Female with girlfriend......We will need to see all four.
  5. Garmin software engineers learned hubris from German automotive engineers. "You are a stupid consumer and we know what is best for you. Shut-up and give me all your money."
  6. They are probably leathery looking cougars in San Diego. Ya' know; friends of Da'Woody.
  7. The recessed perma-fenders are what sold me.
  8. This thread makes me think about what we lost when austin1972 passed.
  9. Dang it PB, you spoiled the surprise.
  10. What is so hard about following the rules? It is supposed to be "One Design".
  11. Finding the former name will be easier than finding the required female virgin. Good hunting!
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