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  1. Lord Dubin retrieved them for Queen and country.
  2. Denali stood by while Imedi tried to recover her own crew. His inflatable failed; for whatever reason, and after several tries by Imedi he was gone.
  3. They had him in sight. Sadly no one could recover him before he ran out of energy to keep himself afloat. AIS would not have made a difference.
  4. Wind forecasts more than 24 hours out are just a guess. Sometimes a luck guess and more often not.
  5. Looks like fun. Congrats. How does the main sheet work? Easy, impossible or just right?
  6. If they are Florida brides you have to be a Florida man to appreciate them.
  7. If those cart batteries are not new, do load test now. On second thought, considering your occupation, I'll bet those batteries are fresh.
  8. The classic 2-D nav system. No batteries required.
  9. I think that you will fit right in with the J crowd.
  10. When the middle of the boat really was Adventure Land.
  11. They have a bow guy on tugs. Who knew?
  12. Way to go Skipper! She looks a treat! That dodger seems very functional. It might be ugly when you put up the rest of the phone booth. I also like the sissy bars at the mast; very gentlemanly.
  13. Every shipwreck found in the Lakes is the Griffin until proven otherwise.
  14. There's this guy with a Moody 376 in your neighborhood. He could knock it out in a day. Refurb 1988 Moody 376
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