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  1. Good for you! Maybe if enough people he scammed file complaints in MA, there can be criminal charges against him.
  2. I had an awful experience with Brian. The sail was very late, was supposed to be delivered in March didn’t come until late July. My sail was built by Durtek in Sri Lanka. Brian first told me the delay was because of martial law. I managed to contact the loft manager and he told me that was an absolute untruth, my sail had been completed weeks ago and was waiting for Brian to pay for it. Brian denied this, and became increasingly difficult to contact. During the ordering process I repeatedly told Brian my boat cannot carry a sail bigger than 105% LP. When I got the sail it was 110% and unusable
  3. Phil Latio


    John Kerry is on cruise ship relaxing and trying put his election defeat behind him when disaster strikes. A ferocious storm hits and the cruise ship goes down. John wakes up dazed on the beach of a desert island along with a pig and a dog. A few weeks go by and John has managed to build himself a shelter and is quite comfortable. He begins to get horny and decides that the pig is starting to look pretty good. He drops his pants grabs the pig from behid when all a sudden the dog goes crazy and starts barking snarling and biting. Startled, John drops the pig and it runs away. This happe
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