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  1. See you at CRW man

    - Russ

  2. I was down at sailing inc today and saw Corsair Entire hull is down to the glass Bottom is faired I hear paint next week
  3. Corsair,s hull is being taken down to the glass as we speak at Sailing Inc. in Cleveland Has alot of bonding issues Cracks in the gelcoat looks like quite a project I will get some photos next time I'm over there
  4. Here is the ebonic (Comedy) translation : This thread iz really going ta hell. It'sdegenerating every day. "Totally fucking ridiculous" iz not descriptive anymo'. Posts like dis here one together wiff da cutesy attempts ta outdumb each other wiff insults show dere iz some peeps wiff way too much tyme on they hands an' way too little mental stimulation. Aren't ya embarrassed when ya peep back at what you've said in public? There iz thoughtful an' humorpus posters here - ya others ought ta watch dem 'bfoe ya start babbling. Or, remember what Abraham Lincoln said - "Better ta remain silent
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