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  1. On the 109's, I can confirm that the problem is the anchor locker drainage.
  2. On my old 30'er, my favourite upgrades have been oversized Vectran halyards, new Spinlock clutches, and new self-tailing winches. Got a new 3Di 135% genoa last year which is a dream to use in COVID shorthanded sailing. Bloody expensive though. Can you really use a kite halyard (which exits above forestay attachment) for a jib halyard (which exits below)? This always seemed risky to me so I have never tried it. My set up is a frac rig with Tuff Luff head foil. No furling. If it's safe, that would mean I could do headsail peels since, for now, I too have only one jib halyard. Sorry for
  3. Try a butterflied leg with a long curry-based marinade plus some ketchup, balsamic and strained or Med yoghurt. Mine's been in the sauce since Thursday, cut into 4 roughly equally thick strips to control grill cook times and intensity. This will be done in a higher-and-faster mode, not lower-and-slower on Sunday ( ). Low and slow is for an intact leg roast in the oven. It's been several years since I've done this version but last time it rocked. If it sucks on Sunday I'll confess back here. Happy dining!
  4. My my, such great story lines. Old vs new boats, EN vs FR at the front, F vs M, and on and on. Loving this race, yet feeling sad for JB (Charal). @Laurent, thanks for linking to the French Daily a few pages ago. Hoping I can keep finding them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pdv_hgDx7oTT3kJAMnd5A . Us in Canada want both versions (country and western :), yet Google doesn't know that yet. I love Kito's description of HB as a "war machine". Andi is good but I like Helene's hosting a lot - worth watching for anglos like me. Much more to come. I thank the IMOCA world and VG for
  5. Anyone have the link to the French Daily Live recording? I can't seem to find it, even on the VG homepage. EDIT: for 13 Nov.
  6. nhc.noaa.gov: Good assessment of Theta from 0300gmt Nov 13 (Discussion) for ease of access. 121 WTNT45 KNHC 130252 TCDAT5 Tropical Storm Theta Discussion Number 13 NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL302020 300 AM GMT Fri Nov 13 2020 The structure of Theta has been waxing and waning today with moderate convection attempting to wrap around the center, though the coldest cloud tops have been decaying before wrapping fully around. Earlier, there was a 2222 UTC partial ASCAT-B pass that showed peak winds of 40-45 kt on the south side of Theta. However the highest winds from
  7. Definitely worth a listen. In Episode 1 Alex says his foils won't break (knock on wood) and that he wants a RdR redo in 2022.
  8. Thanks, Juan and team, for bringing this enriching content to us all. Really well done. Us Canucks would love to have simple access to your online shop. Lots of us up here would love to be your clients.
  9. Now that I think of it, I have seen older boats with a mini block fixed to the backstay through which the topping lift runs to keep it aft and out of the way of the roach. B dock, the point is to keep some twist and open leach in the main in light air, rather than choking flow due solely to the weight of the boom. Like in really light air. You need weight to leeward too to make this work at all. Sounds like you don't have this issue to deal with so I am envious! Ah ha... I now see SF Bay as your location so totally irrelevant at least in the summer. Aquatic paradise!
  10. I don't have much experience using topping lifts but would imagine they interfere with the roach profile of the main -- worse than the backstay issues discussed elsewhere unless you ease it right off in a light-air tack or gybe. Would love to know if that is incorrect.
  11. A vang system that can push the boom up is vital in light air. I have an over-speced one on the 30 and love it in all conditions. Yes it's heavy, but the weight is relatively low in the boat. Worth it to me. I also built in some extra purchase power on the control line. So much easier than the standard vang on a 109, for example.
  12. My instinct is insurance + Peter in Whitby for the hull + Phil and team in Ottawa for the rudder. Thoughts and best wishes to the injured as most important. This isn't a contact support. Take care out there please.
  13. I have North 3Di on the J30 and the original batten was a problem in sub 6 kts in every tack or gybe. Switched to a softer batten (without taper however) and problem solved. Easy fix. Try that first.
  14. Nice photo despite the outcome. I see green. When there is green in the cloud it gets nasty quick. A useful tell.
  15. Thanks for the story WHK. Glad all made it out safely. You may want to check your mast where it is hidden within the partners. We put a big crack in the forward edge of a 109 spar in a similar situation - we think. The crack wasn't noticed until the rig was pulled at the end of the season but pretty sure that's what did it. One difference between your situation and ours is that we still had the big kite up when the storm suddenly hit, so perhaps even more flogging and rig pumping. Rig was was written off and replaced. Fingers crossed yours came out okay.
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