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  1. All he ever gets is older and around
  2. Yep, we have the same wings on the Shaw 750t to max trailer beam. They give a little more righting moment, suppress the odd splash, a little lift but never drag
  3. Lashing the mainsail reef around the boom is kinda interesting too
  4. Our place in Whitianga NZ
  5. Heaps of Yak 52's in NZ several including some of the ones you pictured based near or at my home airfield. A lot syndicate owned. They often do impromptu aerobatic shows off our beach
  6. 30.6 knots in Sundreamer while setting the multihull Auckland to Tauranga record in 2004 that still stands 20.25 knots in my trailer sailor with Jeremy Lomas and his kids onboard
  7. Obviously made of cardboard derivatives
  8. There's one in New Zealand that sailed up in Auckland for a many years under that livery. It's since sold/relocated to the Bay of Plenty and races there. Had quite a bit of hull surgery with a plumb bow and coachroof. Runs a lot of TP52 gear I think
  9. Shaw 750T Trailer Yacht Auckland Regatta March 2021
  10. Yeah put it up for grabs at the Isle of Wight with the proviso that if the UK wins they still have to defend it in auckland in 2024 unlikely ineos would beat nz given their form in the prada cup final but if they did then they would have no serious racing till the americas cup final whereas TNZ would run through the challenger series in their home town. They might lose that but it would sure attract attention I think it would work
  11. Yeah, it's hard to imagine an Americas Cup regatta without him now. Mind you thought that once about Dennis Connor but JS/PB/BT etc are younger than DC ever was in the cup I suspect
  12. Same as planes, the elevator actually holds the tail down. The centre of gravity is in front of the centre of lift. As witnessed by a stalled plane falling nose first
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