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  1. Yeah I get it. The kind of culture, entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude that Nick Leeson had.
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-boris-johnson-lies-europe-b1990960.html?fbclid=IwAR1hWnufaOT1gQBD0SBFjBTfHuN5UWk8pr4JwcDiv5NZm-CjUyKCkb9cZnA the case presented to the British people, which secured such a small majority in the referendum, was based on a pack of lies. It was never deliverable.
  3. Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc, tic ...........
  4. Good luck with that one.
  5. Nope, not me. London's cocaine market is now worth an estimated £1bn a year after new tests revealed people in the capital are taking an average of 23kg of the Class A drug every day. More than half a million doses of cocaine, with an estimated street value of £2.75m, are being consumed in London on average each day - twice the amount of any other European city, according to a study seen exclusively by Sky News. Forensic scientists at King's College London University looked at waste water in the capital and tested for benzoylecgonine (BE), the compound produced
  6. London 500.000/day or thereabouts. What is your point again ?
  7. Hey Jambo, Your mother rang. https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/matt-frei/two-fingers-to-brussels-is-tangible-brexit-benefit-edwina-currie/?fbclid=IwAR2-V8spVxSWkNvTkZRGz0ul591V0mH7jEVlIXF1mqgyYCvMCzTtbWrjgxY
  8. Nooooo, dunno if you were BN at the time. AC Aluminum 44 footer. Owner always had a 'heavy right foot' coming into the packed marina, look at me, look at me with my flash boat. Until after coming in after a race his reverse gear decided to shit itself and it was blowing old boots up the chuff as well. His slip was towards the middle of the line at a 90 degree turn. He missed that one, next stop was the pontoon going across to the gangway. He made it stop all right. Never seen a boat jump so high. Edit: being his neighbor was never a good thing if you valued your
  9. Yup, stellar opportunities. Ex-Brexit boss warns British business may 'give up’ imports under new rules The changes in place from January 1 mean that importers must make a full customs declaration on goods entering the UK from the EU or other countries. Traders are no longer able to delay completing full import customs declarations for up to 175 days, a measure that was introduced to cope with the disruption of Brexit. Mr Rycroft told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme the new rules might be too much for some companies. The Federation of Small Businesses reckon that only about a
  10. Ahh yes like wrapping a two bit trade deal with India in easier and cheaper visa's for 1 billion people from the Indian subcontinent. Replace FOM of fully integrated people from the EU by FOM of people that will not and cannot integrate fully in British society. This gent worded it quite good. Can Brexiters answer me this because I am very confused. We kicked out Europeans, who had alot of love for the UK, who did many of the jobs Brits won't do, like working in slaughterhouses, picking crops etc. Now Brexiters want to bring in tens of thousands of skilled Asians to literally take
  11. Cornwall Council is still wondering where the replacement (EU) funding from Westminster is. Boo hoo hoo, all our MP's are Tory now but they don't seem to do anything for us. You promised ..... you promised ......... you promised ..... The level of stupidity in local government is mind boggling. Gullible fools and all that voted for them !
  12. Good post sir. I just watched 'Don't look up' on Netflix. If you swap the comet for Brexshit, Meryl by Blojo and Mark Rylance as Cummings or even Raab, Gove, Javid, IDS, Patel, or any other of that lot, it all makes sense. Bloody brilliant.
  13. Withdrawn boats by 9.30pm were: Moneypenny (broken forestay), Blink (torn main), Mako (damaged main), URM (damaged main), Hip Nautic (damaged main), TSA Management (damaged main),
  14. Lightning reaction from the driver until they can stick a halyard on the pointy bit.
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