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  1. broken board on the first wave and ripped to the finish on #2...Typhoon surf =no thanks
  2. surfs up....kinda. (storm surf) size over the normal japan stuff, lots of pro eliminated, not sure if its on TV
  3. Beckola...classic rock that has stood the test of time. Jeff and Rod, it does not get any better
  4. meth is a big problem in Nor-Cal/ Oregon
  5. its's called RACING....you'all complain there is no passing and then when someone tries...... the turn before lewis was ahead at the corner. Same corner at the end of the race and the lewis had no problem. Almost no damage to lewis's car with Max, just touched the tire in the wrong way to cut it, I doubt if that was Lewis's intention. Another great race for Lando. Sailboats go 5-7 MPH and touch once and a while.......
  6. WOW, what a first 1/2 lap....wheel to wheel, Racing incident?
  7. Well done Rain Man! great question.....perfect answer, got to love Perez.
  8. 18,000 might be a great sound but F1 is as reliable as ever today, only two car failed to finish, one because they failed to check (or did not want to) the injured car and the other because the wheel would not come off. Engine failures were spectacular back in the day, smoke and oil all over the track causing even more problems. Modern F1 is state of the art.
  9. Azerbaijan....old world/ new world....great racing.
  10. next you'll be talking of that stupid airport in England should be left off the schedule because it's flat......
  11. and then there is the tunnel of darkness into blinding light and a terrifying series of corners with a water hazard .........crown jewel indeed, Mrs Williams was the least of it.
  12. #1 calico, 2=YT, 3=WSB 4=Halibut, 5=rock fish (Here in Santa Barbara)
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