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  1. I hope the protests and politics do not become the outcome of the championship and the last two races. Max did a good job getting to second within a few laps, with a little cat and mouse with tires...good fun.
  2. Max still have a lot to learn...."yea perfect say Hi"=smart ass. FIA will take note. I think he ran LH off the road.
  3. Max's bad luck behind him? still a few races left before giving him the championship. Max has defiantly matured in both driving skill and temper management.
  4. Danica is a great sports personality! Super race, clean fight, good tactics, on to Mexico.
  5. Thanks RO, and we are doing all of 5 KTS. (half of the time LH is telling the pit wall to" leave me alone, I got this")
  6. Ocon drove the whole race on one set of tires...for a point. well done , not sure LH could have held off Perez for third with the original tires....6 of one half dozen of another. lots of great racing in difficult conditions.
  7. We'll see if LH can do what Max did last race = come back from a penalty to contend for the podium, should be a good race.
  8. Rav 4....gas, oil, maybe tires, battery and wiper blades=good for a couple 100K
  9. buy used regatta sails with 4 days sailing on them...from the winning loft, 1/2 price
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