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  1. It was legal, thus the gun charge was thrown out.
  2. Not a sock Bull Gator - I just don’t post here often any more - is that okay with you?
  3. There's an exception to the law that allows 16/17 year-olds to carry a long gun.....surprised you haven't read about that already...... From the article: Cicchini, who is not involved in the case, said legal doctrine demands that when statutes aren't clear they must be read in favor of the defense. "This is the price the government must pay when it is incapable of drafting clear laws," Cicchini wrote in an article discussing the doctrine. Prosecutors can ask a state appeals court for clarifications and rulings in the middle of a case; they don't have to wait until a
  4. In the instance of the long gun in this case, it’s legal.
  5. To add to the above - the operating area for the Connecticut in the South China Sea where one could expect it to run aground on an uncharted seamount at or less than test-depth is a mere fraction of the total area of the South China Sea……so again, the notion of an uncharted seamount in such a strategically important area of ocean is utter nonsense……
  6. The South China Sea is an area of ocean not too dissimilar in size to the Gulf of Mexico, and strategically important to US interests. Are we to believe that there are “uncharted seamounts” in such an area? I call BS. Bumping hulls with a Chinese sub is more likely.
  7. This is a forum to discuss/debate topics of a political nature. As such, I’m throwing out for discussion the horrible job Biden is doing in Afghanistan - I hope he and his team are called to account for this. As for exiting this dumpster fire, see four posts above for starters. Would you have done differently?
  8. I’ll make it easier for you - here’s the excerpt from the article I had linked - read it and have a think - I’m curious on your take: From the article: George S. is apparently too loyal to his party to ask the obvious question: why didn’t you get the civilians out before stopping air support to the Afghan forces, closing Bagram Air Force Base, and starting to pull our soldiers out? And, no doubt a certain amount of chaos in Afghanistan was inevitable following our pullout, no matter how well it was managed. But that chaos didn’t have to include thousands of Ameri
  9. Ad hominem - you as well can’t argue your point on its merits.
  10. It’s clearly whataboutism, as your post smacks of “they did it too”……whoever they is……
  11. Whataboutism - check. Stay on topic - read the excerpt from the article I posted above, and tell me why our presumably skilled leadership couldn’t have executed this more competently.
  12. Again, staying or not is another debate. You guys love to deflect, don’t ya? Biden’s withdrawal is utterly incompetent. Do you have a different view on that?
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