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  1. “Shoot the leg” when facing a potentially lethal threat is nonsensical: “On the other hand, if an officer manages to take a suspect’s legs out non-fatally, that still leaves the offender’s hands free to shoot (and stab). His ability to threaten lives hasn’t necessarily been stopped.” https://www.police1.com/patrol-issues/articles/why-shooting-to-wound-doesnt-make-sense-scientifically-legally-or-tactically-6bOdYvNUEECtIWRI/
  2. “open-fire on anything that moves”......well, that’s a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened in this case - or perhaps you watched a different video than I? And thanks for imagining what might appeal to me. It’s tragic that the girl is dead, but by her own actions she left the officer with no other good options to stop an imminent threat to the life of another.
  3. Ask Newsome to pass you the shovel when she’s done digging......
  4. Who knew? Black Lives Matter co-founder Bree Newsome found it “frightening” and unacceptable that a police officer in Ohio would shoot and kill 16-year-old Makhia Bryant while she was trying to stab another girl to death with a knife. Newsome tweeted: “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y’all need help. I mean that sincerely.” https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/04/21/blm-co-founder-frighte
  5. Darn it - herewith a Democrat shredding the Left's narrative: Looking to expand COVID-19 vaccine distribution sites over the winter, Florida’s emergency management director says he first reached out to Walmart, not Publix, to execute the mission. The reason: Walmart has more locations than Publix in socially vulnerable, rural areas in Florida. But Walmart wouldn’t be ready to distribute the vaccine for three weeks, Jared Moskowitz, the state’s emergency management director, told National Review. So, he reached out to Publix, a Florid
  6. More articles debunking the hit-piece on DeSantis/Publix: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2021/04/why-does-60-minutes-still-exist.php From the above story: The Daily Wire reports: This is the transcript of the actual exchange. 60 Minutes cut out everything that appears in bold: https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/05/60-minutes-ignores-democrat-governors-scandals-invents-one-about-desantis/
  7. Again, let's wait for the facts - on all sides. Also good to steer clear from the "tu quoque"/"whataboutism"-type tactics as well.....cheers.
  8. Agreed re: crowded & expensive - no free lunch, as they say - good restaurants, and a hop-skip to Whistler......
  9. Good to wait for the facts....lest we do that whole "rush to judgment" kinda thing........lesson learned, or let's hope so.
  10. Ahhh, so you were imagining......imagine that!
  11. My God, it’s a slippery slope indeed!!!!!!! First Mac, next no more Christmas (you forgot the Easter Bunny, so allow me to help here!), flag protocol, etc - what a crazy, all-or-nothing world we live in.....when your tears of anguish stop flowing, please be sure to write your Congressman......we gotta put a stop to this now!!!!!! I think it’ll be too late in like 12 years or something - oh wait, wrong subject!
  12. Lettuce focus our attention on matters of more import......
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