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  1. Well, she used to be married to a guy and is now bi-sexual so logically she used to be democratic but is now bi-political
  2. Great clips, shame there's no audio - I bet that would be truly terrifying
  3. Designed by Edward Turner, the man who made Triumph Motorcycles the legend they were, as chief designer for all bikes from the 1937 Speed Twin to the 1960ies Bonneville
  4. Had me stumped for a while! Obviously British with the Smiths guages, I knew I'd seen it before, but eventually I did identify the car... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daimler_SP250
  5. Just a bit of comic relief... Fuel supplies: Mortar tanker tailed by drivers looking for petrol - BBC News
  6. It’s not the value of Seeker that needs to be insured, but the potential salvage costs and operational losses suffered by the Port of Catoosa and their clients if when it all goes pear shaped at the launch.
  7. Listing says 900k, which doesn’t seem exaggerated... Probably costs about the same amount per year to keep the program running.
  8. Always nice to have a clean spark....
  9. How the fuck can you call a regatta 'offshore' if you can spectate from onshore....
  10. Still seriously bummed that the 8mr World Championship was cancelled. It was to be held in Enkhuizen, not too far from my neck of the woods. I was planning on doing some quality spectating from the water...
  11. Just crickets..... checked his channels just yesterday, but no news...
  12. Good ideas Zonks, but I think you may be underestimating how narrow the hull is at ‘floor level’. It’s no use pushing the counter outboard if you can’t stand right at it. Leo might be able to squeeze out more space by reducing headroom somewhat, but that brings its own penalty in comfort levels... These classic hull shapes offer a lot less interior space in all dimensions (except for bilge depth) compared to a modern hull of similar length.
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