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  1. Meter boats are gorgeous...
  2. A lot of people think Elon Musk is nuts or worse, but I am really impressed with what he is achieving with Tesla and SpaceX... And I really dig the 'trash can with a rocket strapped to it' approach to the Starship project - though I know I'm not doing the science and engineering of the project any justice with that description. But what the heck, that's what they look like!
  3. Of course, but keels are made of tissue paper, so...
  4. Reading his log I get the feeling Webb himself is having a hard time deciding if it was a good trip or not...
  5. And thanks for that link, there's a lot of useful information on that site!
  6. I didn't have enough time before launch date to use a moisture meter, but that's definitely on the agenda for the fall at haulout. I'll be looking into media blasting as well, since I don't relish the idea of doing it all by hand. While I'm there, I'll probably take the gelcoat off the topsides as well, and give them a nice new and very much overdue coat of shiny new paint Biggest question will be how bad the moisture/osmosis is and how long the hull will need drying out
  7. Walpurgisnacht is a christian holiday...
  8. Hand layup polyester matting Funny thing is, while rebuilding the interior over the last few winters, it was very clear that one side was laid up a lot neater than the other. I always thought the neat side was done by a guy training an apprentice who did the other. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it’s the apprentice’s side that’s showing the blisters...
  9. From the gofundme page: "The Norwester, a beloved and historic 76-foot boat iconic to the Pacific Northwest, hit unmarked rocks..." From the bystanders video linked above: The whole thing looks dodgy as fuck...
  10. Biggest difference between this and a genuine junk rig is the lack of counterbalance. The true junk has a portion of the sail ahead of the mast, reducing the tension on the sheets and making the sail that much more manageable. Seems like a significant advantage to the junk rig, not sure what this hybrid system would be able to bring to the table
  11. https://norwesterfoundation.org/blog/norwester-yacht-foundation
  12. methinks Leo is quite busy for the foreseeable future... They're trying to raise 250,000$ just to get her off the rocks... and according to the last entry (4/23) on their blog they had some nasty weather coming their way - anybody local with some more recent news? Not holding my breath for the boat... And by the way, why weren't they insured?
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