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  1. Yeah, well… marketing, donchaknow… https://www.cruisingworld.com/sailboats/stone-horse-23-red-sails-twilight-years/
  2. Wasn’t aware of a Stone Horse 26. Did you mean the 23’? (A 26’er would be pretty nice though)
  3. Wow. I’d almost say this was poetic, philosophical, elegance Two -L. I salute you for painting a post apoclypse eulogy for the sad ending of a member of the nouveau-riche!
  4. Spirit seems to think that long overhangs, varnish, mahogany and teak will blind you to poor design aesthetics. Well, if you can fool some of the people, some of the time....
  5. Oh, my…. @CappyJax You say, “ …rushing in and regretting is my kinda thing…”. Sounds like you’ve done that more than once before. How’d the flying work out for you? Typically, folks learn from experience that “rushing in and regretting” is somewhat expensive not a motto to live by. It seems that you’re already complaining about some of the counsel you’ve asked for here. That doesn’t bode well for your success either. I’m thinking that the tone here will soon turn to mockery if you persist in the “I’m gonna do it my way anyway” mode. So, have fun and hopefully we won’t be postin
  6. Which one could have for a reduced (again) price… https://brooklinboatyard.com/pleione-price-reduced/
  7. I had a Lavac while I lived aboard. Thought it was pretty good, certainly easy to maintain, but also used more water than I wished. Last boat had a FW toilet that used less water and didn't have the classic calcification that most seawater heads have. Electricity use is nothing in the scheme of things and the Admiral wouldn't go back to seawater heads ever again. You do have to carry enough freshwater but that's a small price to pay overall.
  8. 40 gallons is the minimum for a week for two. Give or take. Heads flush different volumes, frequency of use, blah, blah, blah. 20 gallons capacity is bare minimum but 30+ is preferable
  9. What I've found in regard to Sales/Use Tax (two variations depending on whether you buy new or just want to register your boat sometime after a purchase) is that they WILL get their $$. If you've paid somewhere else (another state) you will get credit for that but pay any difference if the new state is higher than the previous one. Sales/Use taxes also vary based on county and or city of residence or moorage or purchase. To slow the bleed, find a lower tax rate place first, pay that, then pay the rest when you find a final 'home'. Washington essentially can give you a cruising permi
  10. Yes, Awlgrip Stars and Stripes blue. I've noted that there are some variations on that S&S blue, probably from manufacturer to manufacturer, if not from individual blends. Some seem to have a touch more grey in them than others. I was very happy with how mine turned out. Curiously, my 'next' boat may have a Mist Green or Grey Green hull color (unless I'm outvoted by the Admiral...)
  11. I figured my S & S awl grip blue was pretty nice...
  12. I'd pay money to get to sail on a boat like this. The modern ocean racers Mod 60's, IMOCA's etc hold no attraction in comparison.
  13. Bridges on ICW are 65’. Unless there’s a marina between bridges and the sea. Been a while since I wEnt thru. But I think gou are pretty limited. A quick look at some charts will tell you what you want to know
  14. Let’s compromise…Just give me that cockpit on the H 15 and make this one big enough to do so. https://www.chantierdesileaux.com/polar-bear/
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