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  1. Ah, well, many of us have been there, done that, Kris. I might have been happily chatting with the fuel attendant while opening the fill plate. It seems that putting a gallon or two of fuel in my water tank is more expensive that putting water in your fuel tank... New tank, new lines, 40 gallons of what is now 'waste water' for special pump truck and appropriate recycling.... This could all have happened to 'a friend'...
  2. Well, tragically, this boat’s sheer is NOT like the original and is really messed up. While I never liked the ‘no seat, bathtub’ cockpit of the original, the above boat’s solution is no better... Overall, she’s a caricature of the original Quiet Tune.
  3. Another strong vote for “In Good Company’ in Rockland. Dine early, rather than at ‘peak’ dining hours, to have a better chance at getting a seat. (There aren’t many)
  4. Ham -burg-air! N’est pas?
  5. Nope. This is ‘another’ one. Rainmaker here. https://www.multihullcentre.com/multimarine/current-projects/gunboat-55-rainmaker-rebuild/
  6. My Mainecat 38 fit really nice into a standard* sized slip. * a 57’ slip....
  7. 2 reefs and a screecher. I’d assume that they were not hard on the wind since carrying a screecher and if well off the wind, it’s not uncommon to reef the main for both balance and chafe control. Sounds like a relatively comfy sail plan for offshore (in the appropriate wind strengths)
  8. Hmmm. Bow section. What does this mean? Portion of the hull at the bow? Sacrificial section? (On some very fine, slender hulls, the hull mold stops short of the actual stem and a separate, usually foam, part gets added so that laminators don’t have to get their hands/fingers right into the narrowest part of the Vee during the layup process). I’d be surprised if Seawind used this method— and it wouldn’t likely be consistent with having an internal crash bulkhead. This leaves me to believe that perhaps the forward guy’s backing plate essentially pulled through the hull layup, resultin
  9. This ^^^^. I’d be very suspicious at this point....
  10. It does depend on one's experience and pocketbook for sure. (and I may have put the threshold a bit high) Nonetheless, you see how well it's working out for the OP. Once you have a broker involved, everything gets (somewhat) easier (or should). We have all experienced the challenges that can arise with a broker too.
  11. Haven’t ever heard of a 2nd one ever having been built…more’s the pity!
  12. Yeah, not just brokers but surveyors and insurers tend to be ‘busy’ when talking about sub 100k boats. I was going to opine that while admirable to want a survey, it was probably a bit too cautious given the probable purchase price. Over 20 yrs old and/or under $50-$75k and you’re best to self survey/insure ( apart from marina req’d liability ins)
  13. Yep. I'd call a 10% deposit 'earnest money'. The bad news is that having demonstrated that the owner is untrustworthy (She didn't consider your offer as a priority/obligation on her part), you have no way of knowing just 'when' she'll get a check to you... Either she 'knows' something about the boat that a survey scares her or she's just desperate to put (more?) money in her pocket. Just a thought...is she even the real owner?... Hmm, well, this might be why using a broker has its benefits. Either way, this one might cost you 10%... Sorry Cap, it stinks all the way around. I guess I
  14. The simple, easy substitute for radar is a chart plotter and AIS overlay. Yep, I know, there’s those little guys that don’t have AIS and logs n things. It’s not complete coverage but AIS would give me a great sense of comfort (relatively speaking) for crossing the NY VTS lanes, and Boston and wherever else. It’s the big steel boats that scare me most. A transceiver is even better. As a big steel boat driver, being able to identify and contact a specific boat/ship is a godsend. Ajax, you’re likely more prepared than I would be for the trip. Have fun, you’re in the ‘go’ mode so don’t
  15. Okay, I think they’re overdoing the telltale thang....! Moderation, guys, moderation!
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