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  1. Yep. Once the legal beagles get ahold of things.... no one is guilt free.
  2. Technically... Anchor balls are req’d to be a minimum of 0.6 meters (or 2’) in diameter to be Legal.
  3. I’m puzzled by the ‘...and for some uses, there is no adequate substitute’ statement. Of course there’s always something that can be used in lieu thereof. See KC’s post above As for your misunderstanding of my lack of ethical stance. I’ll just say this. We all have things that we do or don’t do for our own reasons, and things that are no go areas. My point is that many seem to take a ‘moral high ground’ stance, or judgement on those who don’t seem to think perfectly like them. If I speed occasionally, but always stop at stop signs, I cannot proclaim myself more thoughtful nor more c
  4. When I see teak decks, either new or old, I ‘see’ on going maintenance requirements all followed by a major refit or re-bunging job in 15-20 years. If I were in the market for an ol..., um, more mature craft, even more than 5 or 7 years old, I know that I stand a good chance of being the ‘lucky’ guy who gets the big yard bill, or at least the guy who gets a chunk of money negotiated off my asking price when I try to sell. 2L makes a fair point regarding ethics and sustainability but then, I probably buy my own share of products made by countries with oppressive regimes be they ‘Asian’ o
  5. Bull, I think you’ll be just fine. 30# on the very ass end vs 100# just four feet or so aft of the center of flotation will be unnoticeable. IF, I’m wrong, since you’re lake sailing anyway, you won’t feel any adverse effect of 5 gallons of water in a jug fwd. (5 gal x 7.x #/gallon is more than enough up forward). I don’t think you’ll even see it.
  6. AIS is the best thing since Radar and GPS. It takes away the greatest fear, that being of the 'big' boys, whether commercial fisherman or big, iron boats. It still doesn't help with keeping you out of trouble with the rest of the part-timers or kayakers or.... I found that having the AIS transceiver where you are broadcasting your info is also a very great comfort. You know that even the other yachties who at least can receive, will stand a greater chance of 'seeing' you. But then, there's those who have nothing and that is what still keeps 'fog' from being much fun.
  7. When it comes to autopilots, there are two decisions to be made. (okay, probably more but...) #1 What drive unit do I want? For me, I'm totally in love with the Jefa drive utilizing a pancake type motor and below decks. I couldn't even hear it running while sailing in a flat sea, with ripples and barely making way. #2 What kind of 'brain' do I want? It seems to me that once you've got the drive of your choice, the brains get chosen for compatibility, price, support, reliability, etc. I have no opinion on which one is best, but have experience with the B&G hardware/software for the b
  8. Understood. However, there are numerous 'apparent' water stains on some areas on this boat. It wasn't hidden by the builder but it may be 'hidden' nonetheless. Look again....
  9. If I really WAS looking for a cruising boat... This could work. https://swiftsureyachts.com/camper-nicholson-48-raised-salon-ketch-salt/ Interior liner might hide something, but... Maybe I SHOULD be looking for a cruising boat Nah.
  10. Well, technically, even if you’ve got everything but the controller, what is different from what you’re doing now? I’m assuming that can be installed while in the water, yes? At least you only lose a minimal number of sailing days and you’re ready whenever the controller shows up...
  11. Piece a cake...! I'd have taken that over some boardings I've done in my career. OTH, I'm eternally grateful I never worked the San Francisco or Columbia River bars...!
  12. A few years back, I (briefly) considered buying a nicely restored Concordia yawl in Pt Townsend. I was almost serious. They had extensive records on maintenance. The $30k, per year, to remove, varnish/maintain the spars and restep them, quickly cured my lust. There was no way I was going to let such a boat deteriorate under my care , but there were only ‘moths’ in my treasure chest for that kind of program...
  13. I picked up my new catamaran in Maine in early May. Stayed till early October. May was cold but lobster pot free or nearly so! That makes it totally worthwhile. On the other hand, few floats or marine services are in operation then. Of course, that was fifteen (holy crap, that long?) years ago.
  14. Yeah, the eel grass... at least with my catamaran, I could haul up the vertical daggerboard(s). The rudders, well they were easy (relatively) to reach... at the dock, mostly. I think gspot's pic shows the optimum... well, we could discuss fin or full keel here... nahh.
  15. So it seems designers and manufacturers are fully embracing torpedo keels on cruising boats as well as racers these days. Are they the grass and kelp paddy catchers they appear to be? The good news is that I’m not sailing in NE waters infested with lobster pots but we have our share of crud in the water and plenty of truly intimidating ‘tide lines’ of debris as well. Torpedo bulbs— stay away and insist on a slightly raked or swept leading edge with trailing bulb perhaps or, just grow a pair and enjoy being in the ‘in’ crowd today?
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