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  1. I was pretty much set to get a monohull for my next boat, largely due to the challenge of finding slips both for a home port as well as while out cruising. In reality, while I frequently got a "no, we don't have room for a multihull", I really never actually got aced out completely. Might have paid more than I wanted but, in the scheme of things, it wasn't the end of the world. Currently, I'm back to planning for another cat and taking my chances. The benefits/attributes of a cat are, for me, just too compelling in a number of ways. If my current Plan A doesn't work, there could still be
  2. I’ve found that I much prefer racing when supporting it as a race committee member or by providing my own boat as the committee boat. However, taking a hit from an overzealous competitor or worse, an idiot competitor, is just not particularly attractive. I suppose if the boat itself wasn’t the actual end of the start line, I’d be more interested…
  3. I was rummaging around Yachtworld and a few local brokers (local, but associated with offices in other cities) Holy crap! these websites are awful!! Many (most?) are just about completely unusable. Stuff like selecting for Used in the search criteria but still coming up with 3 pages of new 2022 models--with separate listings of the same new model for 6-8 different cities. If they want to sell boats.....that ain't the way....!
  4. Conceptually, I like a large daysailer and I think an integral windscreen is moving in the right direction. Downsides? For one, it'd be difficult to add any canvas to that windscreen, yes, they have done it in the previous version, but headroom/fwd helmsman visibility is severely constrained if a 'roof' is desired. (and here in the PNW, I do desire protection from above) Cockpit layout still needs some improvements. They've tried a couple different approaches, Ver 1 was wheel(s) forward, which sucked for the passengers. Now it's wheels aft, but a tiller or single helm might still be prefera
  5. Interesting since their most recent video was the first time I heard them ‘thinking’ out loud about a different boat. My ears sort of perked up to that. I figure it’s coming….
  6. Yep. And he has to be a touch to weather of Brazil to keep a good angle in the SE'lies. Folks forget just how far East, Brazil is...
  7. Ahh, my mistake. I thought you had been holding out for a specifically regenerating prop over the standard one. (not realizing they were one and the same) The folder makes complete sense however. (since my paycheck doesn't require me to following all these threads thoroughly, I tend to conjumble them periodically....)
  8. Interesting. What I’m hearing you say is that even after going out of your way to get the regenerating prop, you seem to be less than satisfied with either a) The resultant sailing performance or b) the necessity/efficiency of the regeneration capabilities I will concede that for daysailing on a lake, regeneration is likely of little value however.
  9. Dylan, regarding the Diesel engine smell. In my past life, I worked for a bareboat charter company and saw many engine rooms. Some were fine, many smelled of fresh diesel, presumably from some leak. But there were some that were just downright filthy, stinky things and seemed almost coated with a black greasy film everywhere. That wasn’t from an exhaust leak nor from a fuel leak. Someone once mentioned a ‘breather’ something in relation to this. Being an avowed rag-bagger and engine ignoramus for all intents and purposes, perhaps someone here can elaborate on this. My ‘googling’ tur
  10. I think the 'attracton' of a keel stepped mast for offshore work is that presumably you'd have a stump from which to set up a jury rig and self rescue to safe haven. The watertight integrity argument is compelling however.
  11. Occasionally, I doodle my 'ideal' boat for the R2AK or the Texas 200, the Everglades Challenge... not so much.
  12. Personally, I like good scenery and info on cruising grounds, a great soundtrack, good videography (drones, stabilized video, and no wind noise). The fewer words the better, however Dylan’s narrations are/were(?) very enjoyable and the exception. Either a small bit of narrative works or a bit of written info added on-screen without narrative is good. Not interested in click-bait, talk-talk, what we did today or a video version of a boat log, how to fix a (insert basic boat maintenance project here). Lot’s of ‘toddler’ videos lose me pretty quick, first La Vags, now even RAN…
  13. When the sad day comes that the Admiral cannot or will not go sailing with me, then the Trinado is my vessel of choice and the R2AK would be on my bucket list as well…
  14. A ‘more’ fun little boat— just not for taking your friends out…
  15. Looks like a fun boat in this form (once you get past the idea of having to drag your little outboard through the water all the time)
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