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  1. Looks as if the East Coast Mafioso didn't bother to include Tom on their power play to shake the cobwebs out of the AC game! That says a lot. All the news on the NYYC's proposed big shakeup is already in the Team NYYC thread. Probably best to consolidate comments about the club's proposed Draft Protocol over there!
  2. Bottom line here is that NYYC has chucked a bloody great rock in the pond. It is pretty clear that the club is not enamoured of the hasty acceptance by RNZYS of the RYS challenge. And of course all the palaver associated with challenges over recent decades. The Yanks are set on a major reset. The original and sole challenger for the Auld Mug for many moons has delivered a Draft Protocol aimed at logical governance of all aspects of AC racing and associated activities. It runs to 156 pages! So far, I've only read part of the intro but it appears to endorse and codify meas
  3. Thanks Renn. That could be a show-stopper. The intent is clear but does it fit the situation we're discussing here? The wording is sufficiently imprecise that any barrister worth his salt could drive a truck through it.
  4. FWIW, this is a copy of the Commodore's letter. Not as dramatic as hopped-up Granny Herald would have it but certainly a thumbs down on a one-on-one match in Cowes. Interestingly enough, a thumbs-up on the AC 75 Class. March 20, 2021, for immediate release. New York Yacht Club Congratulates Emirates Team New Zealand on Winning the 36th America's Cup On behalf of the membership of the New York Yacht Club, I want to congratulate the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Emirates Team New Zealand for winn
  5. Interesting. If that is correct there are tens of millions of dollars earmarked in future council budget for remediation work.
  6. But this is still sewing up the AC for 2 cycles, when you have only won it once. But this is still sewing up the AC for 2 cycles, when you have only won it once. Quite so. Brilliant ain't it! Nothing in the DoG to say it is prohibited All covered by Mutual Consent. Those who disagree can round up their legal talent, pile up their money bags and hie themselves off to 60 Centre St in Lower Manhattan and tear their hair out before the Supremes. it will likely drag on for years and piss off a lot of hopeful challengers waiting in the wings, but there you are!
  7. My understanding is that much of the ground under the tanks was full of toxic waste and so that had to be remediated at a high cost. That cost was most definitely included. You can understand all you want but the tanks were removed, the surface levelled and then paved over. Remediation awaits!
  8. You got it, mate! Some of us have been saying essentially that barely 24 hours after the acceptance of the challenge was announced. Look at the situation in that light and it is a win-win for Ratcliffe and Dalton. The Britt gets his Cup match in Cowes next year (number of races still to be decided), then four years from now they meet again in Auckland with CSS to welcome all legit comers. None of that precluded by DoG conditions and just to be sure, six to eight months to iron out any legal tangles that threaten to interfere. Brits and Kiwis get to compete in two challenges in
  9. And where, pray tell, is that written? Chapter and verse please.
  10. ETNZ can't impose anything on AC38. They know it, we know it, you can be damn sure the CoR knows it, potential (prospective) teams know it so AC38 doesn't come into the picture. Feh! OTOH, it all makes perfect sense in the context of a two-boat DoG match in Cowes in a year or two You cast doubt on ETNZ's Protocol. It is clearly NOT. We're only viewing an outline now, But it promises a Protocol written and shared and signed by both RYS and RNZYS If they go the DoG route, both teams are complicit. Both have will have signed the contract. Each is dependent on the other. It e
  11. Yeah, that could be a curly one! But if the Protocol provision to come is a set-up, a precursor to a Cowe's one-on-one match preceding an Auckland event with multiple challengers, What then?
  12. Well, the door is wide open. NYYC missed out on first place in the queue and now they can just join the parade of hopeful challengers. Currently there is no time constraint on mixing with the hopefuls in the future COR series. I'd say they've got at least until the publication of the new Protocol in six or eight months from now. Lots of questions though. Will the two max-boat principals stick together, or will one go it alone? Will Terry continue as their CEO/Skipper? Do they still want Deano? With all their investments in Bristol, RI, Florida and here, plus and a healthy ta
  13. This is the clause I found most interesting: There are a number of different options but it is intended that the Venue for the Match will be determined within six months and the dates of racing announced in the Protocol, if not before. Plenty of wriggle room in this statement1
  14. For those who'd like to read the full statement right here: Auckland, New Zealand - 19th March 2021 Emirates Team New Zealand is pleased to confirm that the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has accepted a Notice of Challenge for the 37th America’s Cup (AC37) from the Royal Yacht Squadron Racing, represented by INEOS TEAM UK, which will act as the Challenger of Record for AC37.
  15. If David seeks fame as a recalcitrant, albeit wordy head-in-the-sand noodnik, then go for it mate. You'll get scant support or interest here. What I violently object to are the detestable, shallow, useless clickbait tactics of our esteemed Editor in unashamedly highlighting and promoting David's perverted thinking. Fuck 'im I say.
  16. TMZ - Wonderful. You deserve a major prize for the most comprehensive, all-encompassing, insightful commentary we've seen here. You have addressed all of my concerns. Too late for this time but terrific guidance for updates for future events. it is simply not good enough to generate a quality signal leaving the broadcast centre; It must, as much as humanly possible, survive the distortions and many depredations of world-wide distribution.
  17. Right on! Lets hear it for "dyslexic, drunk, yet passionate and honest," We, very regrettably, don't enjoy the studio quality headphone enjoyed by the producers. 1. Subject them to about 34 hours of ratshit distorted sound output, ie, the stuff we are forced to suffer through in our search for understanding. 2. Add toggle switches or volume controls to let us make our own listening choices. This ain't rocket science.
  18. Yer gonna wait till hell freezes over, mate. History passed you by. Welcome to today's world. WARNING If you haven't woken up to it there is a real threat that snail mail will only be delivered once or twice a week. t
  19. i watched on www.americascup.com and also on TVNZ. Pretty bloody impressive. A bit overcooked but lightyears better than '83 which had no TV coverage. At that prizegiving at a Newport mansion NYYC officers surrendered the Cup to the Ozzers. They also awarded the America's Cup Plate, a flattened auto hub, to Australian boat designer Ben Lexcen.
  20. Max. That's a dream, I and others cling to too. Trouble is, we have been clinging on so bloody long our fingers are in danger of atrophying. Wottonthehell happened to the Lucky Country which with Bondy's persistence pried the Cup loose from its NYYC oblivion?
  21. Max Sirena was very positive in quotes to various interviewers during the victory celebrations that they would be back. Offhand comment? Hard to believe he would not be so positive without a word first with boss man Patrizio Bertelli.
  22. NZ foil optimisation for mid range clearly better in today's conditions. And prolly when wind gets stronger too!
  23. Don't follow Mozzy, but ..... those four all use factual informaion plus their own experience and insights to deliver readable/watchable content.
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