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  1. Looking at social media this morning it appears the boat is fixed.
  2. Probably should read up more. Yes its the old SMA.
  3. Isn't that the old SMA? She was always a fast boat.
  4. If i remember correctly when wizzard was giacomo she lost her rig, it was replaced by a similar rig and a new longer sprit. Pretty sure thats the extent of her mods.
  5. Think it was the same last time round. ATR tends to keep to themselves and develop independently of the other competitors
  6. That is one very low boom. Was talked about but clearly trying to close up that gap.
  7. Think she had a new rig after losing the original. Possibly a sprit change but not sure how much these were actually changed from the original spec.
  8. From discussions about the old IACC boats rigging load alarms become targets. The rigs design probably needs assessing and any design changes fed into the class as the OD rig. If foils are here to stay most boats will have them, older designs can still grandfather their old rigs? Power generation is still primarily the diesel engines, though HB will have an electric motor this time I think so it will be interesting to see how they deal with generation.
  9. Yeah, the other issue with battery is there isn't the added effect of warmth from the engine. Going to need to pack a few extra layers to keep warm!
  10. How does that hollow in the fore deck drain? Fine it will eventually heel and therefore flow out but in the southern ocean that area will be pretty much full of water. Cool boat though, Its a development of hugo boss boat wise but the foils are more of the b'pop school of thought with a lot of lift gained from the tip area (after the curve). At least thats what it looks like to me.
  11. Interesting, trying to see if they are like Alex's design of foils or the other boats. Anyone have anymore information?
  12. They can be very good. However its hardly new technology, been offered to people with hearing nerve damage for years. the sound transmits though the bone to the other ear. Plus as mentioned before its in a lot of hearing tests. Would rather they got faster then pushed this stuff.
  13. If i remember correctly JP morgan said this months ago.....
  14. Nice, on another note how many are in the UK now?
  15. Yes, but It loves windy conditions, the RTI and Cowes week were both very windy events. I'm going to say I don't believe it is an IRC machine, in the same way as a lot of boats would have done well these weeks but are generally middle fleet the rest of the time. But im hoping it does pick up for one design here.
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