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  1. Use 320 grit to polish and apply fresh Awlgrip as wax.
  2. The color will be off unless you sail in chlorinated water.
  3. How many of the boats that rate over 170 have offsets and are eligible?
  4. I took a look at a SJ23 at the marina here. Extrusion is about 4.75" x 3.5" teardrop shape. Looks like the same one as used on the SJ7.7 as far as I could tell.
  5. The 1220 toe rail is very uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Needs additional padding.
  6. If you repaint blue, or a dark color, any place you reprime will take more coats to cover. The primer will show though. If the paint is well adhered, I'd just sand until you see it's all gone dull and there are no unsanded low spots. If that happens before you get through the color, then good, the new paint will cover better and less sanding.
  7. Jamestown manages to get 12 items on the screen and show prices, despite also leaving half the screen empty because of poor layout. And then we have a website designed for real work.
  8. I'm aware of that setting. But you still only see three items on the screen at once! It makes it slow to find things. It wastes a massive amount of space with emptiness. It's hard to see where you are on the (sometimes huge) list, because there is so little context on the screen. It's like keeping your place on a book you can only see one line at time. But "clean", ok. That's what we call it. New product idea. Rather than sell 27" monitors, sell 4" monitors with a 23" white bezel! Call them "clean design" monitors. New and improved!
  9. Here's what I don't like about the new site. This is what it looks like on a computer. It doesn't show any more than a cell phone screen. Really, is this a good design? Bold use of empty space? One needs to click on each product to see if it's in stock or special order only, or what the price is. I think there's space for that information...
  10. The list of items only shows at most three on the screen at once. It's a giant empty space with three little pictures.
  11. Gill had red, I've got some old KB1 salopettes in red, but they only have black bibs now. I couldn't find anything in red besides Musto. Need to match the boat.
  12. That's not true anymore. The games on ESPN are no longer broadcast in the local market this year. They have a streaming app, but maybe it works and maybe it doesn't. And the app will only work on a phone if the screen is small enough. Tablets, laptops, casting to a TV screen: all banned.
  13. Dremel with a emery cutoff wheel is surprisingly slow. A hacksaw with a good blade and cutting fluid works best for me. Faster than the dremel. Not nearly as much dust as an angle grinder. Use a file or angle grinder to touch up the end to cut off the nib where the hacksaw cut broke through. Locknuts with the bolt cut perfectly flush are lower in profile than acorn nuts and the bottom is more round and less pointy too. Sex nuts are even better, but you need to enlarge the hole so the barrel can fit down it. To get bolts cut accurately, I'll mark them after a test fit by using a s
  14. Pipe cut and bent slightly to make a backing plate for the boom. Fit pretty well.
  15. If it's curved, try getting since Al pipe or tube with a matching OD. It will be easier than trying to bend it yourself evenly. If the OD of the pipe is slightly too large, cut out into a bit more than a half circle and use a clamp to squish it until it's right.
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