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    rs aero

    Great to hear Australia is having it's first championships -- how many Aeros do you think you'll have racing?
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    rs aero

    RS Aero on display at Fisheries Supply in Seattle -- A fully rigged RS Aero 7 is currently on display inside Fisheries Supply in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle at 1900 N Northlake Way. Come by and check it out if you're in the area. 20+ Aeros now in Seattle with more already on order. DougS 1249
  3. dougstum

    rs aero

    Come Sail an RS Aero — Demo Days in Seattle July 10 and 11 Come see what sailing in the 21st century looks like! The RS Aero is a 13’ single-hander that is amazingly light — the all up weight is less than that of an Optimist. User-friendly ashore (quick to rig, easy car-topping), the boat is dramatically fast and responsive on the water. The boat’s carbon spars are featherweight yet have the strength and flexibility of carbon fiber. There are multiple rig sizes (5, 7, and 9 sq meters) for all sailor weights. Over 800 Aeros have been manufactured in the last year and there will b
  4. dougstum

    rs aero

    Aero News Flash: Michael O'Brien (1250) wins FIRST North American RS Aero Regatta! The first North American RS Aero regatta was held over the weekend as part of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle's POD (Pacific northwest One Design) Regatta. Conditions at Shilshole Bay on Saturday were cloudy but dry, wind South 8-10 knots easing to 5 kn by the final race in mid afternoon. An eleven foot flood tide meant significant current up course. The wind failed to show up on Sunday. Five Aeros competed and five races were completed. Four Seattle sailors raced: Todd Willsie (1127 -- Seattle's first Ae
  5. dougstum

    rs aero

    News is ... four Aero's in Seattle, one there already and three more ordered and on the way. Regattas are being organized...
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