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  1. Hundreds of millions. As good a quote as “yoo hoo” hundreds of millions…
  2. Was bye-cep wrong to be packing heat? Duh. As wrong as Kyle. He’s no better, and no worse. But if you think you’re stopping a shooter, well, the DA will test to see if that’s reasonable (it was in this case) and the law is pretty clear. besides, i thought we wanted folks with guns to protect us?
  3. Then why wasn’t he charged?
  4. Yep, not everyone can make it. The competition is tough.
  5. Totally random but, “Kyle” and “Chad”? That’s just fucking funny.
  6. Well, no charges yet filed and no arrest points to the DA thinking this might be SD https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wric.com/news/crime/texas-man-seen-shooting-his-partners-ex-amid-custody-dispute-claims-self-defense/amp/
  7. Why do you bother with this inflammatory lie? but you’re right, bobsy married her pedo stalker.
  8. If she had a political statement and was making it via fire, hell yeah it’s terrorism. Fighting internal Demons, not so much.
  9. Keep smoking the dope dude. At least you’re funny now.
  10. Let’s just put a nice big “lie” on this one. Technically correct, but completely missing the point which he knows is correct. Good little German is our Joker
  11. It strikes me as profoundly problematic that 2 people can both use self-defense in the same situation.
  12. He tried to take away the gun. Now, if he quick-drawn maybe he’d be alive and we’d be scratching our heads trying to figure if Chad could shoot Kyle once Kyle aimed at Chad. Hudafuc can tell?
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