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  1. Just saw on Amazon a 200AH LiFePO4 battery for $1000. 56 pounds. damn
  2. Umm, you did. Can you at least see why I think Gov't should go out of it's way to ensure people have their rights And businesses, well, they are the opposite. They want to attract you to their business, if asking for vaccine cards kills them, they will likely rethink their strategy.
  3. Round 2 tomorrow. Was in danger of missing it as was called for jury-duty today. Asked for a continuance (already had one) for the vaccination appointment cause they are hard to get. Jury clerk said "no problem, how long do you need?" uh, a week? how about next Monday? Nah, I'll give you 2 months. ok.....
  4. Left turn, U turn, anything but talk about Wayne-turn? Are you a Wayne fanboi or something? How did you get that from anything I wrote?
  5. You must be responding to someone who is advocating restriction on free speech. I'm just enjoying a little schadenfreude at the pickle slimy-Wayne and his slimy team find themselves in. A little IRS enema is coming their way. Sounds like quite a bit of unreported "income" flowing to that cadre of grifters.
  6. Imagine! (and yes, they can do it, just like they say pregnant women and fat fucks with bad tickers shouldn't go on Space Mountain)
  7. It really can't be a HIPAA violation as the person passing on the info is the owner of the info. You have full rights to share your med history as you see fit.
  8. How can folks continually mistake gov't services and private industry?
  9. that's right. Gaetz is chump-change compared to that.
  10. Well, good. Would be nice to see some grifters do some hard time.
  11. I don't know the girl, but Mommy and Daddy Gaetz are still worth $30 mil....
  12. It's interesting when you look at the data. Blacks are getting vax'd at a lower rate than their % of the population, depending on state, 3-4% less. That's a lot, as that would say they are currently vaccinated at about 2/3rds of the rate of white folk. So lets say that 33% aren't going to vax. 47M blacks, so 15 million not vaxxing. https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/issue-brief/latest-data-on-covid-19-vaccinations-race-ethnicity/ Yet 45% of the 41million Evangelicals say they won't get vax'd, so 20 million https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/05/us/covid-vaccine
  13. You're right. I've had so many discrimination training sessions I can't keep track. I can discriminate across customers for many, many things, just not those listed in the Cali list of protected classes. As of now, vaccine status ain't on that list. Someone "might" try to take them to court on the medical condition, but we keep kids out of school due to anti-vax status, so I doubt there's any traction there: Protected Classes Race Color Religion (includes religiou
  14. What sock is this? Diskishness right out the gate. Don't know about your elk, but this vaccine passport thing is pretty idiot proof. I've got one sitting in front of me. Get a shot, get a card. Done.
  15. Depends on the company hosting the party. It's not just common, but required in the adult industry in California to provide regular STD screenings and the damn thing goes on lockdown if someone contracts HIV. And you can always choose to go somewhere where the unvaxxed are free to roam.
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