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  1. Stated so simply. Yet so many don’t understand. Maddening.
  2. It’s lovely to see the snow(flakes) melt down. And they are flakes.
  3. Christian Brothers brandy is poison. As Eva Dent
  4. Not just stupid, on it's face racist. Only 2 types of folks on my ignore list. Racists, and shit-posters. Boothy just joined the list.
  5. Ain't you just a peach. Used to be somewhat entertaining. Now just a hate-filled racist.
  6. That's a good libertarian. Shoot first, ask questions later. Such is the way of small government. Chick in the Capitol, yes Kid in the alley, yes guy breaking into apartment, yes dude in the car? no BTW - a taser would have likely worked in 2 of the 4. Not really an option in the alley.
  7. So likelihood of re-election is high?
  8. Had a boat with a stainless Clovis pin through a cast aluminum part. You can guess which took the beating. Simple fix was to ream it out and press in a bronze bushing.
  9. True, and the conspiracy theorists really don’t understand evolution and the sheer quantity of vira out there changing up every day. The surprise is it only happens every 100 years, not that it happened.
  10. The Pfizer vaccine was developed in Germany (german money) by Turkish, muslim, immigrants.
  11. "The Chinese are trying to kill yer grandma! Take the shot!" I think it would resonate, but then hate crimes would skyrocket.
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