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  1. Umm, isn't that the point of the 1/6 commission? Find out who aided and abetted the insurrectionists? Most of those losers got free tickets and/or bus rides to get there. Except for the Dallas chick, she was there for a booty call.
  2. Nope, not Accpetable either. Whatever that is.
  3. How does this work, really? Do they hire a bunch of fiction writers, who sit in a room bouncing ideas off each other, coming up with outlandish bullshit that they then give to actors politicians to mumble?
  4. And wrongful death due to misleading advertising if it’s tools doesn’t have legs?
  5. So, what was an attempted slam at Oakland(accompanied by a funny typo) is now about the LA DA. Right
  6. I didn't know he was also a morning drinker.
  7. They don't want to reduce cost, they want to increase revenue.
  8. “I will never take away your freedom to own the libs! You might die, but I’m willing to risk that!” likely DeS quote
  9. My kid was in gymnastics, club level, was 15 hours a week when she was 7. My niece was a D1 scholarship gymnast, closer to 30 hours/week thru grade and HS. (Now a lawyer) they were saying one of the finalists picked it up 2 years ago. Train in it for 10 and I would be more impressed. The kids who have Red Bull sponsorship are better than the finalists. I equate it to Olympic half pipe on the boards. Was interesting until the red-headed step kid blew it up at another level. Now all the competitors are mind blowing in competency. They need a Red.
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