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  1. They would all e too scared to 'take a knee' like that..
  2. Crap like this is one of the reasons I switched over to Blokarts. There are still dickheads, but far fewer of them. The other reason is I love SPEED!
  3. " The video of the fight was scored by the WBA and of the 570 punches thrown only the first one landed." Pics/video or it didn't happen...
  4. The 2 differing protest outcomes is disturbing to say the least.
  5. Thanks for your efforts SS. It's always hard to be the first to analyse the "new and simplified" rules. I need more time to digest this. Stay safe
  6. Is that why I have 3 different AS member numbers?
  7. News reports of masses of soggy medical masks washing up on NSW beaches
  8. Herding cats Brass!
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