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  1. I have owned 2 Fiat Spyders (1977 & 1981), 2 Datsun 240Zs (1973 & 1972), 2 TR-6s (1972 & 1973) ,a TR7 Convertible (bought new in 1980) and currently have a 1971 MGB Roadster and a 2002 Jag XK8. Those Spyders were some of the most well designed (top up and down in seconds), beautiful (Pininfarina design) fun and reliable cars I have ever owned.
  2. Saw one of those in Hong Kong YC back in the late 80's. Not sure what make, but the boat was out of the water.
  3. I have been on-board a 100'er looking up at waves in November...that time of year it is not a matter of if weather, its a matter of how bad when it does come weather...
  4. Yup...first thing I did getting into my new-to-me Dyer was having it scoot out underneath me dockside. Stepped down in the 4' of water and shot back out onto the dock without even getting my phone wet in my pocket. My buddy thought it very funny. It was... Been spoiled by those RIBs et al.
  5. "Chill" and I put large fender washers on the inside to beef up that fitting.
  6. ...and she is in church. Epic.
  7. Let me add that Kemancha's owner set her up very well for racing. Probably the best racing prepped Westsail 32 ever. Top sails and gear. So kudos to the owner for boat prep. RIP. Good man.
  8. Grew up in LIS. So know a bit about light air and how to make a boat go in nothing. Kamancha (and the 1-2 fleet) left St. Georges in a drifter. We were first boat out of he cut and finished first in class in a 6 1/2 day drifter. She was first overall after a 4 day reaching screamer down in leg 1. Just glad we could hold first in class for the owner. I find light air sailing a challenge and very few folks know how, or have the patience to learn how to, effectively sail in it. The Westsail 32, although not my first choice of a light air boat (my C & C 40 is), was after th
  9. Thanks all. Yard re-built carb before I could check the fuel hose. No joy. So checking the fuel hose is next. Engine was "winterized" a few years back and is probably a mess from sitting with e-gas all that time (I am assuming they did not drain the float bowl etc) When I have rebuilt carbs in past I too had no joy. New carb? Joy. I guess I (and the yard) suck at rebuilding carbs.
  10. I live local if you need help with "Stuff"
  11. Starts fine. Idles fine w/o choke. Beyond idle bogs down and cuts out as if starved of fuel. So...will check the hoses/connections for air incursion, but guessing its carb jet foaling. Doing the Sea Foam et al dance will probably not solve the problem and will just replace the carb. Rebuilding a carb is a PIA that is fraught with issues. Life is too short. Anything I am missing? Thanks in advance.
  12. Possible to use Raymarine head and B & G ram, compass and rudder indicator. Thanks in advance.
  13. Mystic Seaport has a fleet of them...may try calling them to get a quicker answer.
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