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  1. sail69

    Radar pole

    Had a stern pole. Went to a gimbaled backstay mount. Much less cumbersome.
  2. Your asking the wrong guy for any kind of enlightenment. He pronounces with ignorance and arrogance, drops the mike, then walks away. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. Been sailing/cruising these waters for 20+ years. Onset is great. Lots of options. Room for activity.
  4. I rebuilt my pump...carefully. Not one to not re-use stuff. It leaked. These pump assemblies are finicky. I would buy a new assembly for back-up of a back up is needed. Usually joker is the one to go first.
  5. Oops picture does not show it. I screwed on to the rub-rail a 3/8 black nylon line. Screws were small and I untwisted the line a bit so when relaxed it covered the screw heads. PM me with questions.
  6. Ajax...look at my earlier picture of how I solved the fender problem. I thought the canvas ugly and covered up the wood. Works well.
  7. Thanks Capt. We already have our morning VHF net, but I was looking for something like you suggested.
  8. So organizing the club's annual cruise. Trying to make communication between boats dynamic and real time ("hey...we are at X marina/harbor/whatever"). Any suggestions on an app that might be adaptable? Thanks in advance.
  9. 3Ms Finesse is the extent of "compounding" Awlgrip. I rolled and rolled my reverse transom with Perfection and it came out damned decent. Would I do the whole hull? Flag Blue prob not, but yellow? Sure.
  10. I have a 3QM30. Cant kill the thing. Love it.
  11. According to Skenes Elements of Yacht Design, the solent stay must be within 5% the "E" dimension of the forestay to be adequately supported without runners.
  12. Took care of an Alden 44. Loved it and as T says...maybe a good compromise for you. Do not know stability factor though. It must be lower than the Swan (centerboard) but God willing higher the the B-40.
  13. Eldridge is a must up here. It is the current bible.
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