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  1. Thanks Capt. We already have our morning VHF net, but I was looking for something like you suggested.
  2. So organizing the club's annual cruise. Trying to make communication between boats dynamic and real time ("hey...we are at X marina/harbor/whatever"). Any suggestions on an app that might be adaptable? Thanks in advance.
  3. 3Ms Finesse is the extent of "compounding" Awlgrip. I rolled and rolled my reverse transom with Perfection and it came out damned decent. Would I do the whole hull? Flag Blue prob not, but yellow? Sure.
  4. I have a 3QM30. Cant kill the thing. Love it.
  5. According to Skenes Elements of Yacht Design, the solent stay must be within 5% the "E" dimension of the forestay to be adequately supported without runners.
  6. Took care of an Alden 44. Loved it and as T says...maybe a good compromise for you. Do not know stability factor though. It must be lower than the Swan (centerboard) but God willing higher the the B-40.
  7. Eldridge is a must up here. It is the current bible.
  8. I think you meant Hadley Harbor. Great Harbor nearby is an easy dinghy ride into Woods Hole. A bit busy but an alternative.
  9. That happened to me except I was the one who installed the wrong thermostat based on the engine model #. Howeer, it had an after market Sendure which changed the thermostat to FWC. Only figured it out (after cleaning and fixing everthing) by sticking a thermometer in the coolant neck... DOH!!
  10. Took a stolen from school lab (not me) laser light and shone it on a mirror suspended above a speaker cone by 4 pins. It reflected up to the ceiling and moved (mostly) in time with music dynamics. That and...and..and...kept us engaged for hours.
  11. Did some late fall early spring camping as a Boy Scout. One trip it snowed at night. I brought an wool army blanket as a backup for just that very thing. Turns out my idiot friend (his Dad wasnt too attentive) only brought "space blanket" (one of those stupid tin foily things) so of course he gets the extra blanket that would have kept me warm. Froze my butt off. Never again.
  12. On the southcoast of MA on Buzzards Bay. We are in out own weather system. Wind, some snow and rain. Never got past a couple of inches. We do get pounded by ocean systems that no one else sees...although they are rare.
  13. A poorly recut or tired narrow headsail will do that. Unless hardware failure says otherwise, my guess is the sail is blown out and would not cooperate. I have seen it first hand. Not pretty anywhere...
  14. After all that brightwork I was loath to cover it with canvas. I ended up screwing on (recessed into the line son unseen) a black 5/8" (or thereabouts) nylon line to protect the wood and mother ship. Enough woods peaks out above and below the line to really maintain the brightwork look.
  15. Ajax...if you need a sail call Mystic Seaport. They have a fleet there and I bought one for $50 donation.
  16. I dont think I paid $500 for the wood, but given the pre-bend it had and it being custom built for the boat, I would never attempt this job with a DIY coaming. Not an easy job. Building steam boxes etc... it seems it may be costing more (time) than you think and be closer to a pre-cut piece.
  17. Use the 4 oarlocks with removable inserts. The gunwhale can take it.
  18. Ajax...I rebuilt my Dhow a few years go. PM me and I can share my learnings.
  19. Have a 2005ish spinnaker that I never used. Bought it as part of a lot with other new (used) sails. UK build. Seems like a 2.2 weight but it is woven. Any idea what this material is called and its weight? Thanks in advance.
  20. What Solo said. Order the carb and while waiting for it to arrive run some of that Sea Foam stuff thru it. If it works great. If not ya have the carb.
  21. First, you can hide the extra thread. Open it, go to Moderation Actions near the top, select Hide. Secondly, if you want to retain full quality, I would suggest sending them out on SD cards, or USB drives. The alternative is to treat them as data files and upload them to a cloud somewhere (Google, One Drive, etc. - it will cost) so they can download them from there. If you can stand the loss in quality, you could upload the videos to YouTube or Vimeo (better quality). Keeping the originals and want it in the cloud because they will actually access it for many years (as opp
  22. Can't make a joke as my brother stuttered....but yea. Cannot reverse the woopsie.
  23. So. Kids are out of the nest. Memories are on the HI8 videos and LOTS of photos. Would like to make it accessible for them all remotely. Photos are realtively easy to deal with through most websites. But those long HI8s (30 minutes) movies not so much. I have digitized them and would like to share, understanding data imitation but would also like media consolidation and privacy. Went thru the usual suspects . Nothing pulling it all together. Am I missing somethig or do I need to coble together a solution? Thanks in advance... Happy New Year!
  24. Are you in the water year round in th south?
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