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  1. Totally agree of course, up there with the Legless Pete episode which will continue to inspire me for many years yet. But can we add in an honourable mention for that awesome hydraulic boat trailer!?
  2. If I thought other sailors were doing that off my timer, it would somehow become magically slowed by, oh I don't know, about 5-10 secs over the last minute
  3. Yes, glaring omission. Is it true it's a front runner for the Brissie Olympics? I'll stick to my Sabre thanks!
  4. There's several threads here about which dinghy to sail. Here's an interesting article reporting on some classes which are doing well at the moment. https://www.sail-world.com/news/238992/Whats-their-secret Great to see the Sabres get a mention. As the article says, great boats where there's a bit of wind and waves.
  5. I reckon that's impressive! Sounds like a (sailing) life well spent.
  6. Yeah, me too. He's long gone now but I thank him every day I get in the boat.
  7. Yeah, but look how good the coverage was for the Vendee Globe, and not a TV crew in sight for most of the race. And, the You Tube format gave the sailors the chance to comment on their races, not some idiot talking head. Great potential for human interest stories that could capture wider public imagination given the right promotion.
  8. Y'know, in the course of his lifetime the man has probably been photographed next to, what, 100,000 other people? So you're saying each photo is a personal endorsement? Moron. Just in case you really believe this, I raise your Jimmy with my Mother Teresa.
  9. Failire??? I'm a "failire"!! And, unlike most here, I have posted a picture of my wife, go find 'em boy.
  10. Sorry Nutta, downvoted the wrong post, didn't mean yours. Corrected above. (bloody new forum, how are we old blokes supposed to change every 5 secs.....).
  11. What is it that gets into some people when presented with a keyboard and internet subscription???
  12. Also seen off Pedra Branca..... Some people are braver than me!
  13. Warning: this is sad. A scientist was washed off Pedra Branca, an island off the south coast of Tassie, in 2003. He was 40 meters above sea level, sheltering in the saddle you can see in the photo, I believe.
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