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  1. Four days, try to keep up. Every major market in the world is down today. BO,KYAG,HICA,BWAHAAHAA.
  2. DOW drops for 3 straight days - tip-o-d-hat time for Obama?
  3. That's such a good question, I await the results of your research. When you extend the use of metadata beyond terrorism, you have a very powerful tool for finding other members of a variety of organized criminal activities, including, but not limited to, being a conservative or libertarian. Last night, my wife got a call from an unknown number. It was probably a wrong number, but what if it was from a member of a group being monitored after the fact who was dead - how would you ever convince the SWAT team of your innocence?
  4. 4 anonymous users at this instant in time I'll admit that one is me, but who are the other three? End secret, anonymous users spying on threads, boycott this forum until transparency is instituted. Who are they, these anonymous users, why are they reading this thread in secret? Demand answers, require openness, get to some consensus.
  5. The 6 hardest words you will ever type. Not so much. Sometimes as I've stated previously, Gator is quite right. Broken clocks have much in common with gaytee. The clocks are right twice a day but they are still useless.
  6. My irony meter pegged out. If this is all so troubling, why link to a one pragraph big twitter article? Why so many one line replies? The lack of depth in this discussion is troubling.
  7. A high capacity gun making system? I think that's too many slots. Our Joe says only two slots or was that shots? Oh dear, I'm so confused. Sometimes.
  8. The thread topic is put down posts. Tuna salad would leave an after taste that wouldn't be good with YOO HOO, but Milo Nuggets would be just the ticket.
  9. Funny as all get out. VWaP gets 'em all riled up posting a link to an article about Ralph saying the ProfessorOTUS is worse than Bush. The shitheads don't know how to handle a real attack of conscience from a real liberal with real liberal scars on the ProfessorOTUS. The poor silly bastards can't just shut up - they're incapable - so off they ALL go with the predictable messenger attacks. Let's have another beer and more popcorn, this is so entertaining. Go the VWaP!
  10. Before the internet, interesting discussions were had about the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. Now it's all about pinheads dancing in a reach around circle jerk. GO the Solly! 42K or Bust!
  11. I say investigating the hell out of any so-called law enforcement agency that can even think of the idea of selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, let alone carry it out more than once, is one way to fix the lousy country.
  12. badlat reminds me of drivers who think that the way to get a car stuck in the snow and ice to get unstuck is to spin the wheels as fast and furiously as possible. The kid hasn't succeeddeedd in going anywhere with all this spinning.
  13. Wide Receiver is not a defense for Fast and Furious, but rather the example of how to do a gunrunning program responsibly.
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